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Post by Celestria on Wed Jan 06, 2010 10:58 pm

Elements in Final Fantasy

Fire: An Element of heat and power. Ruled by the sign of Aries, and represented by Ifrit. Fire pertains to any weapon/spell/armor/summon/etc. dealing with high heat, combustion/Liquefaction/vaporization of any kind. Fire, as an element, is at a stalemate with Earth. Water can extinguish nearly all fire. Fire can melt Ice easily.

Water: An Element of creation and sustainment. Ruled by the sign of Aquarius, and represented by Leviathan. Water is an element dealing with most any liquid containing chemical-elemental water, H2O. Water remains unfazed by the Earth, and, given time, will wash Earth away. Lightning can break down Water's bonds.

Earth: An Element of security and strength. Ruled by the sign of Leo, and represented by and Titan. Earth deals with a great many things. This element rules the soil, the stones, metal, and even plantlife. The Earth is a largely immovable force, resisting many Elements, Wind and Lightning especially. Water can erode Earth's power, however.

Air: An Element of ferocity and malleability. Ruled by the sign of Taurus, and represented by Typhon. Air can incorporate many different gasses, though most commonly deals with a world's atmosphere. Wind cannot move the mighty Earth, for all its effort. It can, however, break the storms which create Lightning.

Ice: An element of resilient cold. Ruled by the sign of Pisces, and represented by Shiva. Ice pertains to any weapon/spell/armor/summon/etc. dealing with high cold, or solidification of any kind. FIce cannot stand in the facr of flame. Water is relatively useless against Ice.

Lightning: An Element of pure anger, and raw might. Ruled by the sign of Capricorn, and represented by Ramuh. Lightning deals with the transfer of electrical energy, of any kind. Lightning cannot withstand the Wind, and is absorbed by the Earth. Water is torn asunder by Lightning.

Light: An Element of misunderstood power. Ruled by the sign of Virgo, and represented by Alexander. Light is anything that uses literal light as a medium for damage, usually with a tie to the Divine. Light can both pierce and be consumed by Darkness.

Darkness: Like Light, Darkness is highly misunderstood. Ruled by the sign of Ophiucus, and represented by the likes of Odin. Darkness does not refer to the absence of Light, but the manipulation of what remains when Light is gone. Darkness consumes the light, and is abolished by it.

Aether: An element that can be best described as confused. Ruled by the sign of Libra, and represented by Bahamut . Aether is the energy of the heavens. Dealing with the basic energy of magic, time, and the stars, it is not bound by normal magical rules. As such, it possesses no strengths or Weaknesses.

Gravity: A binding force. Ruled by the sign of Cancer. Gravity is a basic force which binds objects to itself. Gravity has no weaknesses, no strengths. However, using it to counter Earth is VERY effective.

Poison: An poorly understood force. Ruled by the sign of Scorpio. Poison is a potent force, capable of corrupting the living. It has no inherent weakness, but can be counteracted by the curative forces of Life.

Life: A force of creation. Ruled by the sign of Gemini. Life encompasses many things, including Curative magic. Life itself is counteracted by Death, and can devastate the undead.

Death: A force of destruction. Ruled by the sign of Gemini. Death is the force which drives the undead, and can heal their wounds. Death is counteracted by Life, and can devastate the living. (As a side note, Death can't be used for damage spells. There is no Death Element version of Firaga. This is for the Death status, and any spell that functions like Drain.)

Soul: A primal force. Ruled by the sign of Capricorn. Soul is the basic energy of spirit, the most PRIMAL magical force. Soul is the root of all elements, and is capable of near-anything imaginable. Because of its formless nature, it resists Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Ice, Lightning, Light, and Darkness. It does, however, possess a weakness to Aether, which it cannot control.(Cannot be used, save for certain summons/spells, unless otherwise stated.)

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