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Death Penalty

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Death Penalty Empty Death Penalty

Post by Darkness on Fri Jul 16, 2010 8:01 pm

Name: Death Penalty

Type: Single Action Revolver

Range: Long

Description: Death Penalty is a large powerful revolver that is covered with markings that give it an elegant yet deadly look to it, it is mostly silver and black though it has some gray coloring to it, the most interesting feature on the gun would be the small pinwheel like attachments that are on both side of the weapon and just in front of the handle area. right in front of the handle part of the gun there is a large blade like piece of metal in place, mostly it would be used to stab into someone's neck if they were to get too close to the user of the weapon.

Element: Darkness

Effects: Will disappear in a cloud of black smoke and reappear in Advocat's hand if he wills it to do so.
See no evil: Death Penalty can charge up a round of bullets with the blind status effect every five post, each bullet will cause the blind status effect for one post and this will stack. There are six bullets in a round so the status effect can last up to six post if all six hit you.

History: Death Penalty was a weapon that was owned by the mage that summoned Advocat to this realm, the mage had used his knowledge of dark magic to imbue this weapon with powers that would be deadly to those of the light. When the mage summoned up Advocat and then got killed, Advocat took this weapon from the man even though he did have to tamper with it a bit so that he could use the thing without trouble. After a while he got the weapon to see him as its owner and with that forced it into where it would come to him if he willed the weapon to do so, it does have a matching sister weapon but Advocat normally keeps the other one put away as he only needs to use this one at the moment.

Picture:Death Penalty Doc_de10

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Death Penalty Empty Re: Death Penalty

Post by Masurao on Sun Jul 18, 2010 2:16 pm


So, a Banishable Gun with Blind Shot?

...Sure. APPROVED.


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