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Rain of Fire, Skeletal Strike, Devil's Chains

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Rain of Fire, Skeletal Strike, Devil's Chains

Post by Darkness on Fri Jul 16, 2010 8:02 pm

Name: Rain of Fire

Appearance: Advocat lifts one of his hands and snaps his fingers before a large rip appears in the sky over the target or targets, the rip is actually a very small portal that is linked to Hell itself. This causes Hell's local weather to temporarily appear in this realm, and Hell's weather normally consist of it raining fire and brimstone which means bad news for the targets. Soon everything under the rip is bombarded with fire and brimstone that will burn or pummel a person or thing into submission.

Class/Purpose: Offensive

Elemental Associations: Fire

Effect: Deals light fire damage to all in a ten by ten area

Range: Long

Magic Cost: 10

Special Notes: Yes he is a mage. He is from Glaisne

History: Rain of fire is a good area of effect spell that Advocat learned back in his mortal days, he found that such spells were quite useful when it came to dealing with a pack of archers that tried to snipe him with their arrows and did a good job at keeping him from getting too close to them. Also he found it pretty damn funny to see them think it is the end of the world when the spell is in use, as most religions beings start to cry and pray to god for forgiveness for what ever sin they have committed.

Name: Skeletal Strike

Appearance: Advocat lifts up a hand to aim at a person be it his left or right hand, the hand gathers up Death magic which swirls and shifts in his hand before it takes on the shape of a large beach ball sized skull that is a glowing blue color, the skull has the sound of a laughing damned soul in it and because of that soul it also has limited tracking abilities so just stepping out of the way doesn't normally work. It is much like a fireball in that it is magical not physical so trying to cut it up not very bright idea as then that just causes the magic to go boom and harm you anyway, best way to stop it is to use a spell or just get out of the way.

Class/Purpose: Offense

Elemental Associations: Death

Effect: Causes light Death Damage, and it only chases for two post. Heals me for 25% of the damage.

Range: Long

Magic Cost: 30 *willing to up*

Special Notes: Yes he is a mage. He is from Glaisne.

History: Advocat had learned this spell back when he was only a mortal warlock and as such this spell is a very low class spell, and for that very reason it is why he can still use it after having so much of his power taken away from him. This spell is dangerous mostly when it gets used in bulk but for now it was good enough with how little magical energy he still has inside of him after that damnable accident.

Name: Devil's Chains

Appearance: Advocat stands still not caring that he is under attack before his eyes flash red and his hand makes a slight flick, this causes countless black chains covered in blood and spikes burst out of the ground to harm anyone or anything that was near him. The chains then quickly disappear back into the ground leaving only the many holes in the ground behind, that and any blood that was spilled by who ever was hit by the attacks and these chains shoot up pretty high about twenty feet before they stop and go back down and they move fast like bullets so it not easy to dodge if you are not watching yourself.

Class/Purpose: Offensive

Elemental Associations: Darkness

Effect: Causes Light Darkness damage to anyone within five feet of Advocat

Range: short

Magic Cost: 10 Willing to up cost

Special Notes: Yes he is a mage. He is from Glaisne

History: This spell was another one of the first spells that Advocat learned back when he was a mortal Warlock, he had used this spell to great effect whenever he was under attack by many people who did not understand his views or his goals. He always found it quite enjoyable to watch people around him get impaled by countless chains used by the devil himself to torture the damned.

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Re: Rain of Fire, Skeletal Strike, Devil's Chains

Post by Masurao on Fri Jul 23, 2010 9:52 pm



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