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List of Final Fantasy Spells

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List of Final Fantasy Spells

Post by Celestria on Wed Jan 06, 2010 11:04 pm

Final Fantasy Spells

Dark Magic –Arcane
Drain 20mp (health only)

Demi/Gravity 1/4 health 40mp
Demi2/Graviga 1/2 health 80mp
Demi3/Gravija 3/4 health 120 mp

Comet 40mp
Comet2/Cometeo 80mp
Ultima 290mp -Red Mage only, once per topic only, Admin Approval
Meteor 290mp -Black Mage only, once per topic only, Admin Approval

Dark 10mp
Darkra 40mp
Darkga 80mp

Warp (Admin Approval)

Elemental Magic –Black
Ice/Blizzard 10mp
Ice2/Blizzara 40mp
Ice3/Blizzaga 80mp
Freeze 120mp

Fire 10mp
Fire2/Fira 40mp
Fire3/Firaga 80mp
Flare 120mp

Bolt/Thunder 10mp
Bolt2/Thundara 40mp
Bolt3/Thundaga 80mp
Burst 120mp

Quake 10mp
Quake2/Quara 40mp
Quake3/Quaga 80mp
Landslide 120mp

Aero 10mp
Aerora 40mp
Aeroga 80mp
Tornado 120mp

Water 10mp
Watera 40mp
Waterga 80mp
Tsunami 120mp

Note: For an additional 10mp above the cost of the basic elemental spell, a status effect can be added. These spells also have "Hell" added to their names to differentiate them from the regular versions.

Enfeebling Magic -Green E
- Because of the nature of Enfeebling Magic, all MP costs are dependent on low durations (2 to 4 posts). Higher durations will require a higher expenditure of magic.
Bio 20mp
Bio2/Biora 40mp
Bio3/Bioga 80 mp
Sleep/Sleepel 10mp
Silence 10mp
Blind 10mp
Oil 10mp
Mini 20mp
Toad 40mp
Goblin 40mp
Slow 30mp
Zombie/Reverse 50mp
Confuse 20mp
Berserk 40mp

Enhancing Magic -Green A
Haste 30mp
Barrier/Protect 30mp
MBarrier/Shell 30mp
Reflect 50mp
Wall 50mp
Float 10mp
Vanish 20mp

Divine Magic –Light
Dispel 10mp above the cost of the effect being dismissed
Bravery 30mp
Faith 30mp
Holy 290mp -White Mage only, once only per topic, Admin Approval

Healing Magic –White
Cure 10mp
Cure2/Cura 40mp
Cure3/Curaga 80mp
Full Cure 120mp
Life 120mp (Admin Approval)
Poisona 10mp
Blindna 10mp
Vox 10mp
Stona 10mp
Esuna/Clear 20mp

Blue Magic
(Admin Approval and Player Consent to learn abilities from opponents)
Summoning Magic
(See the Shokanjuu Forum for specific rules and guidelines)
(Weapon Skills and Spell-like Effects that verge on somewhere between regular magic and Status Attacks based on the use of Tools of some sort)
Bardic Magic
(Usually Status magic invoked through the use of music or performance of some sort)

Note: The Big Three (Ultima, Meteor, Holy) are considered to be especially powerful magic and so are subject to even greater requirements than are even set for the 4th Tier spells like Flare, Burst, etc. They are overwhelmingly powerful Area of Effect spells and are never to be taken lightly or used lightly. Consider yourself forewarned.

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