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Naming a Character

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Naming a Character Empty Naming a Character

Post by Celestria on Fri Jul 23, 2010 1:30 am

Naming a character is not a random sort of thing. Sometimes finding the right name is more time consuming than filling out the entire profile, especially since names are influenced *greatly* by culture and environment.

So PLEASE take National Origin into account when naming a character.

In my case "Lei" is a common name-syllable in Hawaiian female names (related to Flower if I'm not mistaken), which is why I tagged it onto "Ahree" which I got from ElfQuest. (It means something like Lightwing, in case you were wondering.) Yes, name meanings influence many of my choices.

If you need some help finding a good name there are resources ALL over the Internet, but a few good links would be these . . .




Be aware that in some cultures, particularly in the time period where we're locating this setting, not all people HAD surnames. In Eremaki only the nobility and the upper classes had family names and they listed them first. At least until Masurao made his proclamation requiring everyone to take on a surname which led to many people simply making them up. (Yes, Eremaki is VERY Japanese. Like, so Japanese that we pulled some of the historical developments DIRECTLY from the historical record. We just toned down some details and altered others because no nation has a blameless record. . . and some things just don't make themselves amenable to a role-playing environment.)

The time period is late 1800's or thereabouts, Steampunk technology, magic is a part of life, if not always understood. Glaisne would have surnames as commonplace. Raonaid would have surnames as commonplace if the character is a member of one of the clans. Ferris would have some surnames as well, mostly "son of" or "daughter of". (that's -son, -sen, -dotter or some other variants I'm unaware of) Ula-Ronat doesn't really pay much attention to it, locationary names are sufficient if the person travels (of Neorah, for instance). Surnames would be important in Brimlad for *some* characters depending on culture and background. (again, the whole "son of" thing)

If you have a question or a concern, please don't hesitate to ask.

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