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Post by Masurao on Sun Jul 25, 2010 3:05 am

Name: Nakayama Masurao

Age: 16

Race: Elf/Merrow

Gender: Male

Homeland: Eremaki

Class: Samurai

SubClass: Summoner

Elemental Affinities:
Primary: Light
Secondary: Aether
Tertiary: Life

Strengths: Relatively high scores in all stats.

Weaknesses: This very same strength is also a weakness. Because of his split training, he doesn't have titanic scores in any one area.

Battle Style: Variable. Close range w/ swords & katana, mid range w/ yori, naginata, and kanabo, and long range w/ various firearms.

Appearance: Amazingly, Masurao very much resembles his real-life counterpart, Emperor Mutsuhito. Standing just over six feet even, his form is something of a paradox. Without a doubt, he's built like a warrior, having trained as a samurai since a young age. Of course, he has the polished air about him on would expect of royalty. Long, thick, dark hair streams down to the middle of his back, when not put up in some style or another. Although he is gentle in behavior, he looks the part of a titan among men.

Personality: Normally, Masurao is a kind, gentle individual. A "warrior poet" if there ever was one. It's almost sure suicide, however, to betray his trust, or, far, FAR WORSE, hurt someone he cares for. In those situations, his rage is almost impossible to placate. Other than this, he has very few things which trigger his anger.


To truly understand Masurao, one must go back into the history of ancient Eremaki. In those times, the impossibly long-lived Emperor Yamato was said to be the world's foremost authority on magic. ...Of course, in those ancient days, there was no reason to believe the world extended beyond Eremaki's shores. This magical prowess lent Yamato to various anomalies, prophetic dreams among them. One such dream foretold of a great stone descending from the heavens, to bless the world with Magic, and bring peoples from beyond the stars. Despite his (already seemingly impossible) age, Yamato made a personal appearance at the very place he predicted they'd land. It was here that the Crystalborn Races made First Contact. It was the beginning of the Yamato Dynasty, the centuries old bloodline which now rules over Eremaki. Yamato fell for a lovely young elven maiden, who he quickly took as his bride. These powerful bloodlines becoming as one, in the early years of the Yamato dynasty, created a new sub-type of elf. having a human apparance, but normal elven and Merrow attributes.

Masurao is the last Imperial child of the Edo Period in Eremaki. Born in the age of the "breaking of the chains", he was just an infant when, after nearly 200 years of incredibly restricted access to the outside world, a Commodore from the far west essentially robbed Eremaki of its sovereignty. the current ruling power, the Genji Shogunate, readily rolled over for the outsiders. The young prince could only watch as the Shoguns-in-power gave in to the demands the Glaisne interlopers were forcing upon them. His father, Emperor Koumei, was incensed. As a result, he broke tradition and began strong-arming his way into political affairs. In a rage, he declared that the barbaric interlopers that were tearing apart Eremaki were to be removed at all costs. The Genji had no intention of abiding by this; they had no means. But, the citizens of Eremaki rose up against the Shoguns, and the foreigners. Civilian militant action became all-too-common. The foreign forces, however, were quick to silence these outbursts, and dealt severe damages to the official Army's ability to battle in retribution.

None are sure of the circumstances of Koumei's death. He became seriously ill with hemorrhagic Smallpox. This was unheard of: Koumei had never once been ill! He had seemed to be recovering when his symptoms came back all at once, proving fatal. His illness did him in, but, there are many thoughts as to why his body stopped fighting. All agree he was poisoned, but none agree on exactly who. Some believe that the Glaisne representatives were responsible. Others believe that the Genji Shogunate was to blame. However, in dark, crowded rooms, under the din of conversation, it is whispered that Nakayama Masurao himself was to blame for his father's death. At any rate, as sick of the state of Eremaki as his late father was, Masurao, seizing power in accordance with succession, officially restored Imperial Rule over Eremaki. He beseeched the new Daishogun, Genji Momotarou, an old childhood friend, to step down, in order to being Eremaki back to its former glory. He agreed well enough.

The loyalists who had spurred on Masurao's father, however, did not see this as being enough. They would not stop until the Genji Shogunate was dismantled, and the clan robbed of all power and wealth, starting with Momotarou. Under pain of the mass assassination of his Imperial Court, Masurao was forced to take Momotarou's land, and freeze his assets. At the urging of his family, and in light of renegade Loyalists causing grievous damage to the ancestral home of the Genji Shogunate, the city of Musashi, Momotarou sent a formal document of dissent off to the capital, Yamashiro, with a large following of Shogunal forces. At the outskirts of the capital, they were awaited by Loyalist forces, armed with advanced weapons. They immediately demanded the Shogunal forces turn back. When they did not, they immediately opened fire on the Shogun's army. With the force now incensed, they began fighting back with incredible power. Masurao, fearing they would sack the capital in a blind rage, had no choice but to declare the Loyalists a faction of the Imperial Army. Demoralized by this, the Shogunal forces fell back. When news of this reached Momotarou, he fled the nearby city of Settsu by boat. The Loyalist Navy was waiting for him. His own Naval force beat them back, but the damage was done. The Dragon's Age War had begun.

Masurao left the war's execution to his council: He wanted nothing to do with this. Unlike his now-entirely Loyalist Court, he supported leaving the Genji Shogunate intact, installing himself as the Daishogun. The Imperial Army, now running on its own momentum, pressed on to Musashi. Momotarou had finally had enough, and formally surrendered. He was brought straight to the palace at Yamashiro, as a guest of Masurao. Of course, the Genji Shogunate was not yet willing to give up the ghost. Enomoto Urashima, believing, like most of the Genji Shogunate, that the Imperial Court was not fit to lead, led a massive fleet north into the island of Ezo. Establishing the Ezo Republic, with himself as President, he prepared to defend against the Imperial Army. In a series of three battles, the now-solidified force tore through the Ezo Republic, decimating Urashima's forces. Convinced by an aide that the bravest action would be to submit the Republic's control, he left a notice of surrender, and fled Eremaki's shores, fearing execution.

With the country solidified, and Masurao established as the divine Sovereign, he took the final actions needed to formally end things. With the guidance of the loyal Genji Momotarou, Masurao weeded out the dangerously unstable Loyalist influences in his council, the ones who had caused this bloody, costly Civil War to begin with. And, to appease his cousins, and in an attempt to further solidify Eremaki, he appointed members of the Genji clan that Momotarou recommended, to positions as both Council Members, and as the Magnates of the various Wards of Eremaki, with Momotarou at their head, bearing the title of Tycoon. In many ways, the solution Masurao had hoped for had come to pass: The Genji and Yamato clans united as one for the betterment of the country.

Pictures: None, yet.

Site Connections: Site co-creator.

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Emperor Kakumei Empty Re: Emperor Kakumei

Post by Celestria on Sun Jul 25, 2010 4:05 pm

Very nice.


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