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Miuka Empty Miuka

Post by Celestria on Mon Jul 26, 2010 6:34 pm

Name: Miuka
Age: 299 years and holding, no one wants to ask how long she's been holding. Not if they value their lives, that is.
Race: Moogle
Gender: Female

Homeland: claims Astraea, but has been just about everywhere.

Class: Red Mage
SubClass: White Mage

Elemental Affinities:
Primary: Earth
Secondary: Life/Cure
Tertiary: Light/Holy

Strengths: Very good with magical energies. Being one of the Crystalborn races, it's kinda expected, but still, even by their standards she's good. Not quite as strong as one of the Dullahan, but seeing as they don't tend to specialize and she DOES sometimes she gets bigger effects. She's really small, so she's a very difficult target to hit in a fight.

Weaknesses: She's really small. She's not going to be tossing boulders around or picking things up and holding them above her head. Not unless they're REALLY small too. Seriously, physical strength leaves MUCH to be desired. Also, when she DOES get hit, it HURTS. Which usually sends her running to the nearest female with her eyes gleaming with tears to have the bo-bo's kissed all better and be cuddled.

Battle Style: She has this Glare of Doom and Crystals help you if she starts singing, but if the fighting starts she's going to be throwing spells. She chooses to take full advantage of the fact that her spells can't be counteracted by magical means and so uses a combination of magical bombardment and Earthen protections to defeat her foes. She might not be able to build a standard Reflect or Shell, but she can raise up rock or vines to take hits for her.

Appearance: Miuka is an adorable Moogle. And that's adorable by *their* standards, which is higher than for mere mortals. She's the most beautiful and the most appealing of their number, if you listen to her tell it. Her long ears fall on either side of her perfectly proportioned face and she likes to make sure that her short cream-colored fur falls perfectly smooth over her whole body. She likes playing dress-up of various sorts, experimenting with clothing styles and accessories, looking for the best combination to compliment her overwhelming cuteness. Her favorite bonnet, in fact, is one that looks like a rose bloom given shape as a head adornment. She has showed something of a preference for natural themes in her choices, flowers or blooms or vines and smooth stones.

Personality: Miuka is somewhat self-absorbed. Okay, more than somewhat. She really does believe herself to be the epitome of Moogle beauty, a standard she interprets as just how Ubercute she can be. In point of fact, she has made a point of cultivating this particular standard of beauty over . . . well, several years. Yeah, don't ask how old she is. She claims two hundred ninety and nine, and not a day older, but she's been claiming that for several lifetimes at LEAST. Most men known for wisdom don't question her claims. She is cute, but she has a temper and a deviousness that is positively magnificent for its depth and creativity. She has no sense of shame and no sense of boundaries. She is quite the little voyeur, in point of fact. And she has the magical prowess to ensure that most people don't argue with her.

History: Miuka's background is somewhat shrouded in mystery. No one is quite certain where she was born, and she isn't telling, either. She's exceptionally well-traveled, though, having detailed knowledge of each of the different nations even though her knowledge of some Nations is at least a century or two out of date.

One poor fool hinted once, he was from Brimlad . . . or maybe it was Vardit . . . anyway, he hinted that she was as old as the Crystals, older than even the soil beneath their feet and she just GLARED at him for a long moment. The unrepentant baka (idiot in the Eremaki dialect) simply responded to her glare with a mocking grin. She didn't draw a weapon, didn't shout or rail against him, didn't splutter in anger. She smoothed her expression and lifted her face and began to sing.

The hell unleashed that day STILL reverberates in the stones of the blasted wasteland where that particular tavern USED to stand. Nothing will grow there, not until the day that she returns to the site to offer forgiveness for the grave insult to her person.

It is known that she once had a mate, a fellow Moogle during one of her stays in Eremaki. His name was Shiro. They had three kits. There was a fire one night, accident or arson Miuka was unable to uncover but she was the only survivor of her small household and she was forced to flee Eremaki that night.

Because her mate died on Eremaki soil, his soul was drawn to the Eremaki Crystal. Such is the way with all the Crystalborn and a great many of the native peoples of Artegal if they are bound to the Crystalborn by ties of loyalty or affection. However, the Eremaki Crystal had been severed from the ties that bound all the Crystals into a power net centered in the Great Crystal. His soul was unable to travel to the other Crystals, and they have been unable to speak since that horrific night. The separation continues, in fact, because even though she has been to Eremaki since then, she has been unable to enter the presence of the Crystal.

It has been completely locked away from even the common folk of the land.

And so, in an intense need to keep from dwelling on the past, Miuka has traveled and, of late, served at the Great Crystal even though she has felt a growing disgust with the apathy of the Great Keeper concerning the way Glaisne has mistreated Eremaki. As much as she does not agree with the isolationism which has separated her from her fallen mate, she does not feel that any Nation should be forced to bend to the will of one who should be an equal sibling, neither elder nor younger.

With the illness of the Great Keeper, though, a great many things stand poised to change, and Miuka can hear something whispered in the wind that flows past her ears that makes her shiver with fear, and something of the smell of the ocean in her nose gives her hope.

Pictures: Kinda difficult to find a good dollmaker pic of a two-foot tall bunny with floppy ears, multi-colored feathered wings, and a penchant for frilly clothes. Don't have one yet, am still working on it.

Miuka 33yl0cx
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