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Glass Rose

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Glass Rose Empty Glass Rose

Post by Celestria on Tue Jul 27, 2010 12:45 am

Name: Glass Rose

Type: Rod
Range: Short

Description: The weapon resembles nothing so much as a leaded glass rose with a long stem. The bloom on one end is a perfectly shaped rose in deep red-tinted glass and the stem is formed of a dark green glass. Well, it looks like glass. It's semi-transparent like glass. But it lacks one fundamental property of anything made of glass. It does not shatter like it. The point of balance for the weapon sits just below the bottom of the bulb, on the end of the rod, this does affect the usefulness in battle.

Element: Earth/Aether

Beauty of the Rose: Glass Rose gives a bonus to Miuka's Magic (+20%) so long as she's using it.
Weighted Rose: Should Miuka have to actually clock someone upside the head using Glass Rose, the Rod is weighted to aid with this, adding 20% to her Strength so long as she is wielding it.

History: Miuka loves the natural world and is drawn to things that reflect that beauty that she sees every day, especially since she came to live in Astraea. Because of this, one particular weaponsmith whom she had managed to charm (like a great many big and overly strong men he turned into complete mush when she looked up at him and blinked her very large, very appealing eyes) decided to make her a weapon that was like her. Sweet and innocent in appearance, fragile seeming in fact, and yet more powerful and willful than even steel. Miuka hugged him into complete submission when she saw the weapon he had made for her.

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