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Enchantments Template

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Enchantments Template Empty Enchantments Template

Post by Celestria on Wed Jan 06, 2010 11:07 pm

Enchantments Template and Rules






--- --- ---
25 points --- 1 enchantment
50 points --- 2 enchantments
100 points --- 3 enchantments
175 points --- 4 enchantments
250 points --- 5 enchantments
350 points --- 6 enchantments
500 points --- 7 enchantments
600 points --- 8 enchantments
750 points --- 9 enchantments
850 points --- 10 enchantments
1000 points --- 11 enchantments
1500 points --- 12 enchantments
2000 points --- 13 enchantments
2500 points --- 14 enchantments
3000 points --- 15 enchantments
3500 points --- 16 enchantments
4000 points --- 17 enchantments

--- --- ---
Enchantments are minor abilities that are either activated for a single use or are passive and considered always "on" or are activated and then are on for the rest of the topic, but they are always minor in scope.

The ability to speak to someone telepathically is a minor ability, so long as the one being contacted is in the same Nation at the time. Being able to telepathically speak across National boundaries is a bit more twitchy because it can get into issues of meta-gaming and that is difficult to handle in *any* environment. This ability is naturally occurring in both Elves and Dullahan, although an Enchantment slot must be used to activate it. Others may also gain the ability should they wish, but a History that connects them strongly to Magic and the Crystals is highly recommended.

The ability to manipulate the gravitational flows of the environment to lift fifty pounds of rock . . . is NOT minor. Lifting under one pound of material is considered minor.

If further clarification is needed, Enchantments work like 0th level Cantrips from Dungeons and Dragons. A flame at the tip of a thumb, a whirlwind that can sweep the dust under the rug, directing a paper airplane across the room by will alone, the ability to speak to animals, those sorts of things.

Generally speaking, growing a set of wings is a non-MP cost activation Enchantment. The ability to fly can be a passive enchantment. Passive enchantments never have a magic cost and so they are severely limited.

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