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Vanish, Cure, Rupture

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Vanish, Cure, Rupture

Post by Celestria on Tue Jul 27, 2010 12:47 am

Name: Vanish

Appearance: Miuka wraps her target, whether that target be herself or someone else, in bands of light which, when they flash into solidity bend all light around that target, causing that target to completely vanish from visibility for the duration of the spell.

Class/Purpose: Defensive (Light Magic)
Elemental Associations: Light/Holy

Effect: Target becomes completely invisible to both any and all observers.

Range: Single target, within 40 feet of caster
Magic Cost: 20 MP
Special Notes: Duration 4 posts
Mage trained? Yes, Red and White Mage
Homeland: Astraea by way of all of Artegal

History: Miuka's not the largest person on Artegal. In point of fact, she's one of the smallest. But sometimes even being small and easily overlooked can help her escape harm from some big, bullying meanie who doesn't seem to understand that all she wants is to be left alone and be cuddled by all the girls she can find. Sometimes the best way to avoid taking a very bad strike is to simply not be seen by someone. She isn't going to admit how long she's known this spell, but it doesn't really matter when it quite simply works.

Name: Cure

Appearance: Miuka draws upon the magical energies around her and gathers that energy like motes of light in her little paw and then throws her paw up into the air, opening it like she is casting seed into the air. The motes of light rise up and fall upon her chosen targets, flaring into brilliance before fading and taking with them the injuries which have been sustained.

Class/Purpose: Support (White Magic)
Elemental Associations: Life/Cure

Effect: Restores health and heals damage on par with Tier 1 Strength for up to four targets at once.

Range: Up to four targets within 40 feet
Magic Cost: 10 MP
Special Notes:
Mage trained?Yes, Red and White Mage
Homeland: Astraea by way of all of Artegal

History: Miuka is a White Mage, and no self-respecting White Mage would be caught out in the wide world without a Cure spell, or some variation thereof, in her repertoire. As with most of her spells, Miuka isn't really forthcoming with when she learned them, preferring to maintain some mystery about her, and really it just isn't that important to her. What matters more than when she learned to heal wounds and cure illnesses is the fact that she knows these things.

Name: Rupture

Appearance: Miuka gathers the magic into herself for a moment as she concentrates before she fixes her attention on a target and motions with her hands in a "rise up" movement and as a result rock bursts from the ground below to rise up like great spears and strike her opponent or to create a wall in front of her to serve as a protective barrier. These spears can strike low-flying opponents and they vanish back into the ground once they have struck.

Class/Purpose: Offensive with some defensive uses (Black Magic)
Elemental Associations: Earth

Effect: Tier 1 Earth Elemental damage to a single target or a wall of earthen spikes which can serve as a defensive barrier against attackers or spells.

Range: within 20 feet of caster, spears can reach up to 10 feet high
Magic Cost: 10 MP
Special Notes: Single post duration
Mage trained? Yes, Red and White Mage
Homeland: Astraea by way of the rest of Artegal

History: Miuka's magic doesn't simply come from the energies of light and life, though she is strong in those areas. She is a Red Mage, too, and as such she has access to the Elemental attacks of Black Magic, for all that she's better with the White. Still, she's excellent at manipulating the earth to suit her needs, just as she has learned to manipulate those hearts and minds around her for the same purpose. What Miuka wants, Miuka gets, by fair means or foul.



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