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Driftwood Staff Empty Driftwood Staff

Post by Celestria on Tue Jul 27, 2010 1:25 am

Name: Driftwood Staff

Type: Staff
Range: Short to medium

Description: This staff is as tall as Leia is from one tip to the other and is twisted and gnarled and discolored by the sea and the salt, though it has a natural beauty all its own. It's not particularly large, since Leia is able to grasp it easily enough with her delicate hands, and it is stronger than it seems, though it is still light enough to carry. Leia has taken pieces of leather and wrapped them around the wood in several places and then lashed the leather closed, tying the strings off and further decorating the staff with small shells and beads that she has found. On each tip there is a ring of metal, though, adding weight and balance for some of the twirling moves common to staff-fighting.

Element: Water/Aether

Salt-Borne Stain: The wood which was carved and shaped into the staff rode the waves for a long time and the water itself soaked into it, leaving a mark. This staff does an extra 20% damage to all Water-Elemental creatures.
Gift of the Shaper: Lei'Ahree's hands shaped and molded the wood into a form which pleased her and she then further enhanced that appearance to suit her purposes. The staff grants her a 20% bonus to her Magic whenever she is wielding it.

History: The island of Neorah is a pleasant place and a relaxed place to live and grow, but it is not a completely safe place. There are monsters in the water and monsters on the beaches, at least where people are not frequent enough to drive them away. Since Leia made it a practice to go out and about on her own, it was quickly determined that she could not go without some sort of a weapon to use in her own defense. There was an incident with a water-dog as a child and later with a Sahagin that pretty well decided the issue early. Leia found the plank of driftwood, a remnant of some lost ship that had been worn and stained by time on the timeless waves, and carved her a gnarled staff from it, decorating the staff with leather and beads of her own device. Once she was done she realized that the staff felt like an old friend in her hand and so she is rarely without it when she leaves her hut.

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Post by Masurao on Thu Jul 29, 2010 2:28 pm


Effects are good...

Description is good...

History is good...



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