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Fire Cannon

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Fire Cannon

Post by Darkness on Wed Jul 28, 2010 8:57 pm

Name: Fire Cannon

Type: Fire Cannon

Range: Long

Description: The Armor of Gaia is a large suit made of a special metal that has a brown coloring, it stands nine feet tall and weights a ton, the suit of armor is covered with tubes of all kinds that are made to be super hard to break. The tubes are filled with steam that is used to move the machine, it has golden markings all over it that give it some protection against magical attacks since magic is always being used to harm people, the machine also comes with a small fire cannon that is used for ranged attacks.

The cannon is CLEARLY on its shoulder for anyone who got a set of eyes, as it is a small for a cannon but a bit too big to be a gun. It is made of the same metal as the fist part of the armor, and thus almost impossible to break. The markings on it are just for decoration, for those that think it for something else.......stop over analyzing stuff. Helps you keep more friends.

The Fire cannon shoots out fireballs at targets to deal out light fire damage, it doesn't shoot very fast but not very slow either.

Element: Fire

Effects: Fire bolt: The Fireballs themselves are able to move pretty fast, about 25% faster.
Splash Fire: The Fireballs splatter small amount of liquid fire out when they hit something. The splatter is a 5 feet by 5 feet area, if it gets on you it will burn for 2 of the affected person's post. *fire's equivalent of poison*

History: The Armor of Gaia was developed by Washu back when she first turned into a twelve year old out of the idea that she might need her own personal weapon to use against anyone that tires to harm her, she had the same problem with it as she did with the Steam Golem's though as the energy needed to keep it running with normal energy sources would cause the nation of Glasine to do even more damage to their environment which Washu did not want to have happen.

When Advocat came and helped fix up the Steam Golems he did the same for Washu's Armor of Gaia as a thank you for her making such wonderful little toys for him to use, with the demon now inside of her suit of armor she was finally able to operate the machine and test it out. She studied the fire demon as well to see how she could tap into is powers and learned that it could be used to give her magical abilities, though of course it requires that she be inside the suit of armor to do so. With that though she now had a new weapon to use and thus the smallest, youngest, and smartest inventor ever also became the most dangerous.

The fire cannon was created by her focusing the fire demon's energy through a few pipes and into a small cannon she made, it took her a few tries though to get it just right due to how it normally just streams out like a flamethrower while she wanted a cannon like effect. In time though she finally figured out how to get it to do the right thing, and now it is fully operational.


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Re: Fire Cannon

Post by Masurao on Thu Jul 29, 2010 2:36 pm

Okay, first, no weapon is gonna deal anything stronger than light, aka Tier 1, elemental damage on its own. We're just not doing it. You could make the shot do AoE Tier 1 damage, though.

Your description describes the Armor. I got that back when you did the armor. What does the cannon look like? It is hand-held? Shoulder-mounted? How big is it? Is it ornamented at all with decorative things? If so, do they also serve some ancillary purpose?


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Re: Fire Cannon

Post by Darkness on Thu Jul 29, 2010 7:30 pm

There I edited the stuff in.

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Re: Fire Cannon

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