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Weapon Skills Template

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Weapon Skills Template Empty Weapon Skills Template

Post by Celestria on Thu Jul 29, 2010 10:08 pm

Weapon Skills


Appearance: (What does it look like in combat)

Weapon-type: (what type of weapon does the skill work with)

Effect: (What does the skill do)

Range: (How far does the skill reach)

Skill Point Cost: (How much SP is consumed per use of the Skill)

Special Notes: (Such things as battle requirements, whether this is a Bonus Weapon Skill for Melee Classes, etc)

History: (How did this skill come into being? Is there a story behind it? Has it helped the wielder in some way in the past?)

--- --- ---
Here on Spirits of the Crystals we are implementing a separate system for Weapon Skills to differentiate them from the Magic Spells that Mages specialize inn.

A character utilizes a separate point pool, Skill Points, for all Weapon Skills. The basic slots for all characters can be uses for either Spells or Skills. Mages have bonus Spell Slots available to them. Melee classes have Bonus Weapon Skills.

It works like this. Every character begins with two Spell or Skill slots which they may use as they see fit. Mages have a Bonus Spell Slot which must be a Spell. Warriors have a Bonus Weapon Skill Slot which must be a Weapon Skill.

At 100 points there is a second Bonus Slot which opens up. At 1200 points a third. At 2200 points a fourth. And at 3000 points a fifth. The full chart is available in the Magic Template post.

This means that both Melee and Mage Classes have the same Total Slots, Mages focus on Spells and Melee focuses on Weapon Skills.

The progression for Spell or Skill slots is based solely on Primary Class for both Mage and Melee. Subclass does not affect the progression table.

Skill Points are expended to utilize Skill Moves, but they regenerate at a rate of 10 SP per post. No, MP does not regenerate similarly. Spells get bigger effects, Skills can be used more often. Spell Damage is related to the Magical ability of the caster. Skill Damage is related to the Strength and Physical skill of the fighter.

And now a word of clarification from Darkness . . .
Now kiddies as we all know that with magic the better you are with magical things the harder your spells hit. The same is true for skills in that if you are a warrior, who are known for their high physical strength, your skills will hit harder than if you are a thief.

Yes skill power is based on physical strength not magical strength and that also means that while mages tend to be fairly good at taking a magical hit getting hit with a skill will hurt them.....A LOT due to how it your PHYSICAL defense that will determine how much damage you take from skills.

Easy way to remember this is that Caster Class + Attack Spell = Ow
Caster class + Attack Skill = OWWWWWWWWWW!
The reverse is also true about melee classes as they will be better at taking hits from skills but normally they don't take hits from spells too well. It a bit of a balancing act really kiddies.

Now I am sure you want to know what you can do exactly with your skills, well the first thing is that you MUST use your weapon as a medium for an attack. Aka you can't send a shockwave out of your body unless you have your weapon out and you are doing what ever to make the spell work. Also you MUST use the correct weapon for the skill.....sorry but no shooting flaming bullets out of your shield, it might look cool but it makes no sense and it won't be allowed.

A character has Skill Points roughly equal to half their MP, however, the exact chart is as thus:

0 points --- 10 SP
25 points --- 20 SP
50 points --- 30 SP
75 points --- 40 SP
100 points --- 50 SP
150 points --- 70 SP
200 points --- 90 SP
250 points --- 110 SP
300 points --- 130 SP
350 points --- 150 SP
400 points --- 170 SP
450 points --- 190 SP
500 points --- 210 SP
600 points --- 250 SP
700 points --- 270 SP
800 points --- 300 SP
900 points --- 330 SP
1000 points --- 350 SP
1200 points --- 370 SP
1400 points --- 400 SP
1600 points --- 430 SP
1800 points --- 450 SP
2000 points --- 500 SP
2200 points --- 550 SP
2400 points --- 600 SP
2600 points --- 650 SP
2800 points --- 700 SP
3000 points --- 750 SP
3200 points --- 800 SP
3400 points --- 850 SP
3600 points --- 900 SP
3800 points --- 950 SP
4000 points --- 1000 SP

As with Spells, all Skills are to utilize Points in increments of 10.

If there are any questions, feel free to ask.

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