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Zorochan Empty Zorochan

Post by Crucent on Sun Aug 01, 2010 3:43 pm

Name: Zoro R. Ace
Age: 27, no difference

Race: Hume

Gender: Male

Homeland: Vana'diel, landed in Eremaki, a few km away from the The Imperial City

Class: Samurai

SubClass: Red Mage

Elemental Affinities:
Primary: Air
Secondary: Earth
Tertiary: Water

Strengths: He is as patient as a brick. Both in fights and out.This makes him fight calmy, coolly and very collected. He never panics in battle thanks to his training. He has some magic skill as well.

Weaknesses: He is not at home with guns at all, feeling that they will never be as trustworthy of actually killing an enemy as say a katana.

Battle Style: Beeing a Samurai, Zoro is Extremely good with swords and the Nihonto as those are his preferred weapons. Having had rigorous training all his life, he fights calmly, always in control and never letting his emotions getting the better of him. He is also good at some basic healing magic through his Red Mage sub, but that is just barely enough to keep himself, and possibly Crucent alive in a fight.

Appearance: He is about 180 cm tall, has blonde semishort hair and blue eyes. He is well-built, a little bit more muscly then normal. Generally he wears a somewhat modified Samurai outfit, as he needs to be able to walk long distances if need be, without discomfort.

Personality: If he is calm and collected in fights and with most persons he meets, he certainly isn't with Crucent. She has a knack for bringing out his playful side. He normally is kind and polite to those he meets, but since he has an issue with trust, Crucent really is the only one he can be completely himself around as they have known eachother for many years. He can also be amazingly stubborn. If somebody does anything that really upsets him or, more normally, Cru in any way, he can easily hold a grudge the size of a small country for years.

Born in Windurst, in Vana'Diel he lived with his parents in Windurst Woods. He had no siblings, but he had many friends both among the Mithran and Tarutaru children. Having a fairly normal childhood, the only exception was that his father was also a Samurai, and in Vana'Diel that meant he'd be one too. So he Started his training at the age of seven, and by the time he was 15 he was a fully trained Samurai. He then spent two years doing missions and quests for the Star Sybil as a way to get the money needed to get decent weapons and armor before he left to go to Jeuno.
Once there, he wasted no time and quickly joined the Tenshodo both for earning yet more money but also to get a ticket to go to the far east and Ath urghan.
in his time in Tenshodo, he and Crucent became aquainted, but it wasn't until they both were out in Aht Urghan and literally ran into eachother that they started becoming friends. They started doing missions and fighting in sieges together. After a few months they travelled together, thick as thieves, both having found a very rare thing indeed, namely someone to trust implicitly.

So when Crucent suddenly disappeared, he got extremely worried, and started searching for her immidiately. He quickly found out she had last been spotted in Jeuno, and after making his way there, he learned from a mutual friend they both had there, that she had been hellbent on exploring those Atomos things. Cursing, he found the same Atomos she had gone through a few weeks back, and entered it himself. To his utter surprise he didn't end up in the past like he thought he would, but he apparently had gotten dropped on a whole new planet. Making his way to the nearest town, he soon learned that he was in Artegal, and to be more spesific in the capital of that planet. So, buckling down, he soon found work and earned some money so he could get a place to live as he tried to learn about this new world.

[img]Zorochan Smnin11[/img]

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Zorochan Empty Re: Zorochan

Post by Masurao on Sun Aug 01, 2010 10:05 pm

Looks fine to me.



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