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Venta Neptus

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Venta Neptus

Post by Celestria on Mon Aug 02, 2010 1:53 am

Name: Venta Neptus

Description: A large vessel with a rounded underbelly that's ridged like a whale for sailing on the ocean it also has the ability to hover above ground and fly through the air as it travels from place to place. There are several floors within the vessel, with storage facilities in the belly and the actual living quarters above with various chambers for social activities. There is a dome over the top deck that can be closed for inclement weather or as circumstances demand as well as being opened to reveal the deck and allow in sunlight for those traveling. All in all it is a good balance of size and comfort, along with being able to make its way through all the Nations of Artegal as required. Though that will require some adjustment in certain areas.

Transport Medium: Water (sailing), Land/Air (hovers no further than 100 ft above the ground, cannot cross mountains or tall forests)

Capacity: At utter capacity . . . perhaps a hundred people along with all their equipment and even mounts for each of them in the storage facilities in the belly of the ship. There's a good three or four floors of space in there.

Armaments: Defensively the underbelly is reinforced against blasts of most sorts. With the dome closed the upper decks are well protected as well. Offensively there is a row of medium cannons along each side, in the metal between the dome and the underbelly. Anything additional to that would have to be provided by those traveling in the vessel itself.

History: When the Great Crystal called out the name of the next Great Keeper, a vessel was needed within short order that was sufficient for carrying those persons who wished to accompany her to her location and then carrying her on the journey that she would need to take to all the Nations before she could fully take her place as the Great Keeper. After much deliberation, during the time that she had available to her, Miuka chose this vessel for the Summoner she had not yet met.




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