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Malá Dívka

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Malá Dívka  Empty Malá Dívka

Post by Darkness on Tue Aug 03, 2010 7:21 pm

Name: Malá Dívka

Trainer/Friend/Owner: Advocat

Species: Imp

Size: 5'1" can shrink down to 1'6"

Elemental Association: Darkness

Abilities: Dark Burst: Mala is able to throw orbs of pure darkness at people, they only do light damage of course.
Darkness Blast:Mala is able to shoot a cone shaped blast of darkness at times, it functions like a shotgun of sorts and deals out medium darkness damage to anyone in front of her hands up to twenty feet. *4 post recharge*
Shadow Spirit: Mala puts energy into her own Shadow that causes it to lift out of the ground, the shadow is then directed toward a person as a missile of sorts that can follow a person around for two post. The Shadow Spirit can deal out heavy darkness damage when it smashes into a person. *5 post cool down*

Weaknesses: Mala is an imp and thus she isn't very good at taking hits from holy attacks, also she is made for being good with magic not for being good with physical strength. So one can easily pin her down if they can get a hold of her and keep her from hitting them with a spell.

Battle Style: Mala normally fights with just spells and such so she tends to keep back and away from people in fights, she is also known for darting around the battle field so catching her isn't that easy either. When caught she will try to claw a person with her sharp fingernails, or stab them with her tail.

History: Mala is just like the many countless imps that live in the realm of hell, the only main difference between her and the other imps of hell is the fact she is Advocat's personal pet. Now while most would find such a job below them, to an imp it was a great job to have. Far better than being used for sex training, and other jobs that the less tasteful demons of hell get imps to do.

She had been picked out by Advocat due to her strong will power compared to other imps, she was stubborn enough to actually argue with Laharl who's father actually ate Imps when he couldn't get hold of Humans. That alone got Advocat's attention as it takes great courage and will power to face down one's natural enemy, he then tested her by having her fight other imps and when she one he picked her as his pet. He infused her with extra energy of course so that she could be a dangerous foe to most enemies, she even could give Laharl a hard time which made him all the more angry of course.

Most times she shrinks and just lays in Advocat's lap as he reads a book, since Imps my look human but their minds are not the most advanced. So she acts like a big cat or something of the sort, but she does have a mouth on her and Advocat has seen her bicker with Laharl for long periods of time. But none the less he finds her a wonderful pet due to her loyalty and abilities.

Pictures: Malá Dívka  Sfcroo

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Malá Dívka  Empty Re: Malá Dívka

Post by Masurao on Wed Aug 04, 2010 1:14 am

Sure, considering how the rules work. Approved.


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