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Cosmic Crush and Demon Purge

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Cosmic Crush and Demon Purge

Post by Darkness on Tue Aug 03, 2010 10:06 pm

Name: Cosmic Crush

Appearance: The Sword of Oppression glows with a black energy that has white dots of light in it,
Laharl then thrust the weapon downward releasing the energy in it causing everyone within ten feet of him to get crushed into the ground.

Class/Purpose: Offensive

Elemental Associations: Gravity

Effect: Deals light gravity damage to enemies within ten feet of Laharl

Range: Short

Magic Cost: 10 MP

Special Notes: Warrior, Glasine

History: Cosmic Crush is another easy ability as it works the same way as the Gravity wave, the only difference is that instead of slashing the blade at a person. Laharl releases the energy around him, this causes things around him to get knocked into the ground. Thus it a short range version of the Gravity Wave attack.

Name: Demon Purge

Appearance: Demon Purge takes the form of a small black beam of darkness, it hits a target and rips apart the magical energy of a spell on the target.

Class/Purpose: Support/Offense

Elemental Associations: Darkness

Effect: Removes the effects of buff or de-buff spells on himself or a target. *can be used to get rid of one or more de-buffs or buffs spells at once*

Range: Long

Magic Cost: 10 MP+cost of each targeted buff or de-buff spell

Special Notes: Not a mage, Glasine

History: Demon Purge is just the demon's version of Dispel, as much as they don't like the holy beings they do agree that getting rid of an foes buffs spells can be helpful. Also it good for getting rid of de-buff spells placed on themselves, Laharl learned this back in hell centuries ago.

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Re: Cosmic Crush and Demon Purge

Post by Masurao on Wed Aug 04, 2010 12:57 am

Demon Purge is approved, as is Cosmic Crush.


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