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Ema Koletis

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Ema Koletis

Post by Darkness on Fri Aug 06, 2010 3:50 am

Name: Ema Koletis

Trainer/Friend/Owner: Washu

Species: Echidna

Size: Fifteen long

Elemental Association: Poison

Abilities: Gamma Beam: The two snakes that come from Ema's hair look at the target of choice, they open their eyes and shoot out twin beam of a special kind of energy from their mouths. The energy causes light poison damage to anyone caught in the attack.
Plague of Serpents: Ema aims her hand at a person before a large surging wave of snakes are fired at the person, the snakes are not physical but made of pure poison magic so slashing them or hitting them with any kind of physical attack won't work. The snakes swarm around the person and bites them all over, pumping their toxic energy into the person dealing medium poison damage.*3 post cool down*
Wave of Corruption: Ema's body glows with poison energy as she then charges up her energy into the very tip of her tail, this causes it to glow brightly before she aims the tail at an area and fires the beam. This beam is not the main attack as it only the set up, the beam will hit a certain point of Ema's choosing before it lets the energy in it out. The energy takes on the form of a giant mushroom cloud of glowing green liquid, the damage area from the blast is fifty feet and deals out heavy poison damage. *6 post cool down*

Weaknesses: Ema has a bit of a low defense for her humanoid half and as such any physical blows to that part of her body deals her twice as much damage, also her large size does mean that spells are an issue to dodge if they are too large to just move out of the way from. Also spells that get rid of toxins and such harm her, so a 10 MP poison curing spell would harm her like a 10 MP non-elemental spell. *This only applies to when an enemy uses it on her, if she gets a poison status effect an ally can use a poison curing spell to cure her of the illness without harming her*

Battle Style: Ema likes to fight with her magics but is also able to fight with her body when needed, she will try to squeeze the life out of people with her snake tail half of her body. Also if she grabs a person she can use the snakes coming from her hair to bite them, doesn't deal any poison damage but it will be bad to have snakes biting your eyes out. She also tends to use her snake half to block attacks due to how the scales are so hard that they can deflect normal attacks, though she will try to dodge magics as her scales are not hard enough to block that sort of damage.

History: Ema is an Echidna that was born in hell only a few hundred years ago and though she looks grown up, compared to others of her kind she is still quite young. She has not even given birth to any monsters of any sort as well in her life time, this mostly due to how she finds that anyone she meets is not worthy of being the father of her children. This also coupled with how most of the demons of hell are too busy tormenting weak human souls instead of fighting the divine beings, has made the males a bit weak for the most part and also the strong male demons are taken already by the older female demons.

This of course changed when Advocat came into possession of how to summon demons from this Hell, with it he summoned her to the realm due to her boredom in Hell. As the two conversed he told her of his wish for her to serve under Washu, at first Ema as insulted until Advocat offered her the bodies of a few hundred virgin males. Advocat was able to give her that due to how he stores a few bodies in another realm for just her kind of demon, he gave her the payment but she still would only work for Washu if she was able to defeat her.

Advocat agreed to this and allowed Washu and Ema to battle each other, but though Ema was strong after getting blasted by steam over and over every time she tried to coil around Washu's armor it became too much and she fell. With that Washu gained a pet/servant/demon subject as Ema works for the mad woman from time to time with her experiments, as Ema does love to watch Washu make new types of toxins and such.


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Re: Ema Koletis

Post by Celestria on Sun Aug 15, 2010 5:43 pm


Okay, I'll allow it.




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