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Pets and Mounts Template

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Pets and Mounts Template Empty Pets and Mounts Template

Post by Celestria on Wed Jan 06, 2010 11:14 pm

Pets and Mounts Template and Rules


Trainer/Friend/Owner: (which character is this Pet or Mount associated with?)



Elemental Association:



Battle Style: ((if applicable))



--- --- ---
The difference between a Pet and a Mount is whether the creature or machine can fight independently of the associated Character. Yes, Support Characters can have Pets and/or Mounts, but the rules regarding Battle Party size are still applicable. No more than three in a battle party, though Mounts don't always count against that total and Beastmaster Pets require their trainer while regular Pets do not.

Under normal conditions, a single Character can have one Pet and one Mount. If the Pet is large enough to ride, this isn't an issue. If the Mount can fight independently, then both slots are filled by the Mount. Only Pets can fight independently.

There are some size restrictions. No Pets OR Mounts are allowed to be Giant or larger in size. Please don't be absurd. This is Final Fantasy, not the Dragonriders of Pern. Even Kuja's White Dragon in Final Fantasy IX was only as large as a regular truck. Well, okay, the First Generation Dragons of Pern are small enough, maybe going as large as Ruth, but I'm not approving a Dragon or anything as a pet or a mount that's sized like Ramoth!

In the case of Pets, because they can fight independently, they can also utilize up to three magics and/or skills of varying damage levels. The strength of the Pet is relative to the strength of the character associated with it, so if the character has 100 points then the Pet is considered to have 100 points as well. Characters and Shokanjuu are still going to be stronger than Pets. Pets are going to be more fragile than characters or Shokanjuu. But they do get stronger with experience. A Pet's special abilities consist of one for Light Damage, one for Medium Damage, and one for Heavy damage, but the Medium and Heavy Damage abilities require cooldown timers just like Shokanjuu. Single target abilities have lower cooldowns than area attacks. Simple melee does not need to be listed as a special ability.

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