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Demonic Power

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Demonic Power Empty Demonic Power

Post by Darkness on Wed Oct 20, 2010 1:20 am

Name: Demon Wings

Activation: 0

Element: Gravity

Effect: Laharl gains the ability to fly around which makes him twenty five percent faster as long as the wings are out. But makes turning a bit more difficult.

History: Laharl naturally had this due to his mother being an succubus as most succubus do indeed have wings to fly around. The same is true about Incubuses.

Name: Demon Senses

Activation: 0

Element: N/A

Effect: Laharl has very good sense of smell as he can smell blood from far away, his sense of hearing is only fifty percent stronger than normal human hearing, his eye sight is stronger than most as he can see in the dark perfectly well and so trying to blind him by just turning off the lights don't work on him.

History: Demons are known for their above average senses as they are far more predatory than other races and that is very true about Rage demons due to their more savage nature. Laharl being a demon who is half Rage Demon has powerful senses as well.

Name: Demon Claws

Activation: 10 SP

Element: Poison

Effect: Laharl's hands shift and change into sharper claw like hands that are strong enough to really rip a person apart. This makes his punches stronger and more damaging so the damage is boosted by fifty percent but only when it is his fist doing the hit and not his sword or some other weapon. This does NOT make his hands into weapons as you can still cut his fingers off if you can but the worse part is the fact they are covered with a poison that makes a person's body feel more pain than usual. This does NOT make his fist attacks do more damage they just hurt a lot more when they hit.

History: Laharl's demonic blood coupled with his powers over Poison allowed him to make his hands into far more powerful weapons than usual. He learned to do this in hell back when he was more rage demon than Incubus but still he knows how to do it today and loves using it to harm people that think he can't fight well without his sword.

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Demonic Power Empty Re: Demonic Power

Post by Celestria on Thu Oct 21, 2010 10:26 pm

Okay, we're allowing the SP use for the Enchantment because it deals with Melee combat.

I don't see anything particularly objectionable about the other two Enchantments either.


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