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Introduction to Ferris

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Introduction to Ferris Empty Introduction to Ferris

Post by Celestria on Thu Jan 07, 2010 5:20 pm

Introduction to Ferris Ferris400


The ancient homeland of one tribe of Dwemer like Raonaid was home to the other, Ferris is covered in mountain ranges with a few habitable valleys between them. Mostly, the dwarves and their allies who live here have dug their cities into the rock of the mountains themselves. Culturally it is similar to the Scandinavian culture of the Vikings of Earth, at least in artistry and creativity. The Ferris Dwemer cannot hope to rival their Raonaid kinsmen for sheer delight in raiding, though they got close in previous centuries.

When they aren't making weapons, or building cities, or perfecting the art of brewing, the dwemer of Ferris also enjoy raising their voices in songs of praise for the heroes of days past and present. To be remembered by the Dwemer is a high honor indeed.

All artisans are honored in Ferris, because the culture is still so strong in the land itself.

The Crystal of Ferris is housed in the Kerrikseat, the throne room of the King of the Ferris Dwemer, who was also called the Kerrik. It is the oldest carved Hall in Ferris, and the most ornate.

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