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Introduction to Ula-Ronat

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Introduction to Ula-Ronat Empty Introduction to Ula-Ronat

Post by Celestria on Thu Jan 07, 2010 5:23 pm

Introduction to Ula-Ronat UlaRonat400


Ula-Ronat is known for being the most peaceful and laid-back of the Nations. The weather, for most of the year, is pleasant. It's warm and sunny, with occasional gentle rainstorms, much like the Pacific Islands and Florida, on Earth. Still, in late summer the weather can turn terrifying as incredible storms pass through the Islands leaving wreckage and chaos in their wake.

A late summer child in Ula-Ronat, one born during that tumultuous season, is believed to be prone to fits of temper to rival those of the storms themselves.

The Crystal is set in a pedestal shaped like a giant oystershell in a building called "Mother-of-Pearl". It sets on the Island of Arrohed, called so because the island resembles nothing so much as a great arrowhead set in the ocean.

Also of note the one obscure island of Neorah. Neorah was generally known only for its pearl-divers and the treasures they brought up to the surface for trade with other lands. There were also a few artisans of note who made their way to Neorah in either their early years or their later ones. It is, after all, a very peaceful sort of place, when the summer storms aren't raging.

The natives of Ula-Ronat, mostly Merrow and those Elves who found a place here, are known for their familiarity with the water. Almost all learn to swim as soon as they can walk and even the non-Merrow have shown nearly magical abilities at holding their breath.

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