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TOS: Terms of Service

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TOS: Terms of Service

Post by Celestria on Wed Jan 06, 2010 10:33 pm

TOS: Terms Of Service

- By becoming a member, viewing, and/or posting on Spirits of the Crystals you agree to the Terms Of Service and General Membership Rules stated on this page and any others displayed in this forum.
- The Terms of Service and General Membership Rules may be changed at any time without prior notice by The Administration.
- The Administration is referring to any Administrator and/or Moderator on Spirits of the Crystals.
- The Administration reserves the right to restrict membership in any way.
- The Administration reserves the right to revoke any membership, at any time for any reason at the Administrators and/or the Management’s discretion.
- The Administration reserves the right to limit any membership, at any time for any reason at the Administrators and/or the Management’s discretion.
- The Administration reserves the right to edit any members post, thread, or image, at any time for any reason at the Administrators and/or the Management’s discretion.

Sub Part A

- Spirits of the Crystals can not be held responsible for the content contained within the site.
- Spirits of the Crystals can not be held responsible for the opinions contained within the site.
- The opinions contained within the site are not necessarily those of Spirits of the Crystals or its Management.
- You agree that no legal action what so ever, will be taken against Spirits of the Crystals or its Management. This includes past, present and future.
- You agree not to copy, reprint, or establish a website using information gathered at Spirits of the Crystal, to do so by using any of the original information that was created by the developers of the Site will result in banishment and/or deletion.
- You agree not to advertise, promote, post links, and mention products or services that you or someone you know will gain from. The only exception is the ADVERTISEMENTS section where advertising for another site is allowed.
- You agree that all content you post conform to all local, national, and continental laws on and or within the planet known as Earth and any satellites of said planet.
- You agree that all information submitted becomes the sole property of Spirits of the Crystals and her affiliates.

General Membership Rules

- You may not post external links of personal gain, unless allowed in a particular forum, IE; ADVERTISEMENTS.
- You may not create multiple accounts.
- You may not post images that contain adult content; this isn't a porn site.
- You may not misrepresent yourself as any organization or person you're not or imply that you represent Spirits of the Crystals with out prior written permission by the Administration.
- You may not post regarding race.
- You may not post personally identifiable information about yourself or anyone else. That includes Social Security numbers or bank numbers, etc. That is just stupid, and most of you on here most likely do not have a credit/debit card anyways.
- You may not have avatars of a racy nature. This is a Role Playing forum, not a smut site.

Sub Part B

- English is the official language of Spirits of the Crystals.
- Descriptions when requesting approval of a template is mandatory.
- The Administration reserves the right to unapprove any and all approval requests if thought to be undescriptive and/or the said user did not follow the template.
- Proper spelling and grammar is expected.
- Any language outside of the English language will be deleted, unless it is posted in an Out Of Character topic in The Chat Room.
- No leet speak, unless accompanied by a translation in parenthesis after the initial leet statement. The main reason being is that I can't interpret it.
- Profanity in all its forms is not tolerated to a certain level. If it gets out of hand, it will banned altogether. Only Administration is exempt. An example of such a word that is gone to far are some of the following:

Female Body Reproductive Organs
Male Body Reproductive Organs

- The Administration reserves the right to be exempt from any and all rules.
- Site Management, Moderators, reserve the right to be exempt from any rules as willed by The Administrator.
- You may not discriminate against others because of Race, Color, Gender, Sexual Preference, Religion, Income, or Marital Status AT ALL ON THIS SITE!

Sub Part C

- You must keep all content posted on a PG rating and not use any drug references or sexual phrases.
- You must always respect The Site Administrators and Moderators, no matter who is in the wrong.
- You must always respect site veterans and elders, because they know a whole lot more than you think they do. Experience wise anyways.

**Any Administrative Person Who Wants Something Added To The TOS Can Post Here And I'll Edit**

These Terms of Service originally written by MorpheusZero, member and Moderator at Kingdom Hearts Role-Playing and Administrator of Final Fantasy: Requiem of Shadows. They are used and adapted for this site with his express permission.

Note of Copyright concerns:

All things relating to the Final Fantasy series belong to the creators of Final Fantasy, SquareEnix. This is intended as a work of Fanfiction where relating to the Final Fantasy side of the Site.

The world of Artegal, the Nine Nations, their names and their natures, the map, the geographical features, the characters unique to Artegal and their situations, and all other details except where influenced by Final Fantasy, belong to the Administration as Original Creations. We reserve the right to produce derivative products from elements specifically created for this setting not involving elements that are under other copyrights.

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