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Character Jobs

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Character Jobs Empty Character Jobs

Post by Celestria on Fri Jan 15, 2010 10:07 pm

Note: National Influence requires that a character either be Native to the Land in question or have Admin Approval for backstory connections.

Note the Second: Your Classes determine your weapon usage. Keep that in mind.

Non Mage Jobs


Weapons: All Weapons

Special Requirements: None

Description: Warriors are the staple Adventurer class. They are found everywhere and in countless variations depending on the environment and circumstances.

Job Ability: Mighty Strikes: When used, a Warrior's damage output is doubled for 7 posts. (3 posts, if Subjob.) Can only be invoked once per topic.



Weapons: Daggers, Knives, Bows, Crossbows, Guns

Special Requirements: None

Description: Rogues who specialize in taking for themselves what belongs to others. They are found *everywhere*, but the Clansmen of Raonaid tend to take the idea of Raiding to a high art.

Job Ability: Flee: Once the user has made 5 posts (7, if subjob) in a topic, he can escape, magically or otherwise, from that topic, and any battle, trap, or binding he may be in.



Weapons: Axes, Daggers, Whips, Hand-to-Hand

Special Requirements: Glaisne Influence

Description: Individuals who have befriended creatures to aid them in battle and otherwise as pets. The people of Glaisne, using magitek, reduced this to a science. When used as a Main Job. a Beastmaster can have 3 extra pets. As a subjob, a Beastmaster gets 2 extra.

Job Ability: Familiar: For 7 turns (3, if subjob), Increase the Strength of your pets by 1.5. Can only be invoked once per topic.



Weapons: Axes, Daggers, Bows, Crossbows, Guns, Throwing Weapons

Special Requirements: None

Description: Those who specialize in attacks that strike from a distance. Must have good aim or better. They are found everywhere and the class has no set origin.

Job Ability: Aim: A Ranged Attack can be held. For every turn it is held, its power is multiplied by the time spent holding. A Ranged Attack can be held for 7 turns at most. (3, if Subjob.) Can only be used once per topic, does not count as used if the charge is interrupted.



Weapons: Spears/Lances, Staves, Swords, Guns

Special Requirements: None

Description: Warriors who are blessed by dragons, or who hunt them, the tale is different depending on which Nation the given Dragoon legacy originates. In actuality the class began with the Dwemer, who first developed the signature "Jump" ability and who tend to live in those areas which are home to the oldest of dragons.

Job Ability: Spirit Jump: Once per topic, a Dragoon can use this 3-turn attack Turn 1: Jump. Evade all attacks. Turn 2: Charge: The user is immune to any damage. Turn 3: Spirit Lance: The Dragoon drops from the skies, dealing a blow with the lance that does 3x (2x, if Subjob) damage.



Weapons: Daggers, Guns, Throwing Weapons, Gambling Paraphernalia.

Special Requirements: None

Description: Masters of games of chance, Gamblers are a greedy bunch, willing to go to extraordinary means to accomplish their goals.

Job Ability: Living By The River: Inflict ANY status of your choosing on the opponent. You must, however, inflict the same status on yourself. Can only be used once per topic.



Weapons: Hand-to-Hand, Greaves, Staves, Clubs

Special Requirements: Eremaki Influence

Description: A class originating in Oriental Eremaki, among a group of philosopher-warriors who dedicated their lives to perfecting their minds and bodies into complete balance.

Job Ability Beyond the Impossible: Once per topic, a Monk can deal a monstrously powerful attack. It removes the target's buffs, counters any Spell that costs less than their Maximum MP, and deals 10x (5x, for subjob) the damage a normal attack does.



Weapons: Nihonto, Spear/Lance, Sword, Bow, Crossbow, Guns

Special Requirements: Eremaki Influence

Description: Warrior-scholars who have dedicated their lives to the study and perfection of a highly ritualized code of honor called Bushido. As opposed to physical power, strength lies in sheer skill, and hair-trigger reflexes.

Job Abilty: Perfect Counter: A Samurai has the ability to ignore 7 (3, if Subjob) physical (non-ranged) attacks, and deal a 2x power melee attack immediately after in response.



Weapons: Daggers, Greaves

Special Requirements: None

Description: Warriors trained in a smooth, rhythmic battle style utilizing the body and some martial arts techniques. They are likely to startle their opponents by being more skilled than they appear, especially since the female practitioners take a strange delight in showing as much skin as possible to be as distracting as possible.

Job Ability:


Mage Jobs

Black Mage

Weapons: Staves, Clubs, Daggers, Mechanical Weapons (Guns included)

Special Requirements: None

Description: The Black Mage is a sorcerer, capable of calling on the Great Elements, and, to a degree, Darkness itself. Revered and Feared for their sheer power, they can bring entire cities to ruin. Most machinists know Black Magic.


White Mage

Weapons: Clubs, Rods

Special Requirements: None

Description: White Mages are renowned healers and supporters, capable of easing pain, conjuring glory, and putting a stopper in death. If forced to battle, can call upon the Light. Most all Doctors know some White Magic.

Job Ability: Benediction: Once per topic, a White Mage can fully regenerate, and cure all statuses on themselves.


Red Mage

Weapons: Daggers, Swords

Special Requirements: None

Description: Something of a happy medium. Capable of Healing and Elemental attack, but unable to wield Light or Darkness with any great skill. On the plus side, Red Mages can empower an object with an Elemental Force.

Job Ability:



Weapons: Instruments, Daggers, Staves

Special Requirements: None

Description: Found everywhere, but especially honored among the Dwarves of Ferris. Uses the power of Music to boost or enfeeble. Oddly, uncommon.



Weapons: Swords, Clubs, Shields

Special Requirements: Astraea Influence

Description: The nature of Astraea has caused some warriors to dedicate themselves to the Light and the Holy energy of the Great Crystal. These Warriors, strengthened by the magical aura of the Crystal, seek out Darkness to combat and defeat it.


Dark Knight

Weapons: Scythe, Axe, Sword

Special Requirements: Non-Astraean Influence

Description: These warriors have chosen a path of utter self-sacrifice. They shed their blood to cause greater harm to their enemies. They embrace the corruptive Darkness for the power to strike down those who would threaten their allies. They are everything that the Holy power of Astraea does not understand and cannot accept.



Weapons: Staff

Special Requirements: Admin Approval

Description: Extraordinarily powerful magicians, capable of summoning great creatures, Shokanjuu, into battle as their allies. Usually chosen by the Crystals, and regarded as divine. While anyone can Summon, only the Summoners are truly gifted with it and because of that they are usually chosen as National Leaders. However, only the Great Crystal requires a Summoner for a Keeper.

Job Ability: Grand Summoning: A Summoner may call 5 Summons (3, if subjob) with MP equal to their own.


Weapons: Nihonto, Guns, Bows, Crossbows

Special Requirements: Eremaki Influence

Description: A class of rogues peculiar to Eremaki. The odd non-native might be accepted and trained, but they are unusual specimens to say the least. Rebels of the Empire, or agents of the Emperor himself?

Job Ability: Exterminate Time: Once per topic, a Ninja can unleash a powerful magical attack, on par with a 300 MP spell. (100 MP spell, if Subjob.) This attack ignores and removes defensive spells.


Weapons: Swords, Axes, Maces, Claws, Bows, Thrown weapons

Special Requirements: None

Description: Individuals whose personal magic is attuned to the shaping and reshaping of their bodies and their environment. They also tend to specialize in spells which aid the shaping of those around them. They are very attuned to the natural world and the power inherent in the wild.

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