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Post by Celestria on Fri Jan 15, 2010 10:56 pm

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The world of Artegal has many influences, and will likely be influenced by factors beyond the experience of we who built it.

However, I would be remiss if I did not offer an invitation for those of you who like what I have built to investigate another world which received travelers from beyond its boundaries . . . only to a much different result.


The comic book series is long running, recently celebrating 30 years, and all those years are available in digital format on the site itself. The fans are welcoming of newcomers and very much like a family. I have been active in the fan community for ElfQuest for a number of years and am known on the site as MrsGrizzley.

The whole site was recently revamped for 2010 and this would be a very good time to look into the comic and the community which supports it.

--- --- --- ---
Other Role-Playing Sites

I would not be involved in Forum-based Role-playing if not for several other sites that I am a member of. In some cases I am still an active member and have staff positions on several. If you are not already a member of them, they could be worth your time to look into. Remember, each Site is different and each Site is unique.

Final Fantasy Role-Playing involving all the familiar games. Each world is included and members can choose to make a custom character or can apply to play a Canon character from one of the games. The Site Owner is Pinky Rose and she is supported by fellow Admins Sephiroth and HeightsFinest.

Kingdom Hearts Age
Kingdom Hearts Role-Playing based in the game series of the same name. The worlds of Kingdom Hearts and of Final Fantasy will be included, as will select others such as the Mushroom Kingdom and Hyrule. The Site Owner is Roxas and I am also a member of the administration. It has a great deal of potential and I look forward to building a story there.

Final Fantasy: Requiem of Shadows
Final Fantasy Role-Playing of a different flavor than FFWorldzCom. I am not actually a member there, and cannot say for absolute certain what the circumstances are like, but the primary Admin is MorpheusZero, who wrote the Terms of Service that I use here with his permission. In order to access much of the Site you will need to actually make an account, but MorpheusZero was kind enough to allow me to use his Terms of Service so I owe him at least this much of a shout-out.

Others will be added to the list as circumstance calls.

--- --- --- ---

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