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Lestat de Lioncourt

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Lestat de Lioncourt

Post by Lestat de Lioncourt on Sun Feb 07, 2010 11:28 pm

Please forgive paragraph structure my home computer messes things up.

Name: Lestat de Lioncourt

((YES STEALING THE NAME BC I LOVE IT! All rights to name though
belong to Anne Rice))

Age: 23

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Homeland: Brimland

Class: Dark Knight

SubClass: Black Mage

Strengths: He is skilled in the art of sword fighting. He can
fight with a sword just as well as he can use magic. He can do them both
equally. He is fast and agile but strong at the same time. He is able to use
all forms of swords and rods. He is very intelligent and able to put it to use.
He is born leader. He knows how to manipulate others to do his deeds. He knows
the art of combat well.

Weaknesses: He is not the best at making friends. He has the
proper social skills but he tends to not want to make friends. This causes him
to feel lonely at times and act out towards others. He tends to talk like a
smartass making him disliked easily. He can be full of himself. Making him
believe he can win when he really can not. He wears gayest outfits causing
people to mock him. He is a poor summoner which makes his hatred for them even more heightened. He tends to take a bit more damage from summoners than other; which heightens his paranoia of them.

: Close/Long. He tends to get over confidant at times causing him
to take a few hits. Fights with all sorts of swords an magic rods. Great with one handed swords.

Appearance: He is about five eight and weighs about 160
pounds. He is well build and his clothing clearly displays his muscles. He has
green eyes. He has long brownish black hair that is past shoulder length. He
has a firm jaw that is clearly seen. ((LOOK at pics for his clothing appearance))
He looks like Alexander from the anime “Reign: the conqueror”.

Personality: Lestat loves to be the center of attention. He
thrives on it. It makes him feel happy and loved. His childhood caused him to have
this narcissistic personality. He feels out of place and depressed if he is not
the center of attention. ((SO if I try and steal the thunder in any thread I am…do
not get upset that is him)) He tends to be paranoid of those around him. He has
trust issues and can not believe that those around him are looking out for him.
He feels that everyone will turn on him. So he does not stay close to his
friends. The friends he does make he is likely to try and kill or betray. He is
a very sarcastic person because of his need for attention. His sarcastic personality
is his way of bothering other people and grabbing their attention. He believes
his family is related to a famous hero and he himself is the son of God. He
based on Alexander the Great. He fears summoners and works to all he can to stop them from taking the throne from him.

Lestat was born to wealth and comfort and leadership in the privileged
class of Brimlad. At his birth a Seer
was consulted who said that the infant boy would be a great leader of men, and
would have the strength to rule, but that his would be a difficult life.

Lestat's father was the Keeper of Brimlad's Crystal, and a
powerful Summoner in his own right. When
it became apparent that the talent for Summoning was not in his son, he
banished both boy and his mother from his sight, sending them elsewhere while
he chose to take a new wife and sire new sons upon her.

Lestat resented his father, and he resented his
half-brothers even more. His mother saw
that he was taught all the great things in life, from warfare to magic to
philosophy and she made him the center of her whole existence. And then she used her relationship with her
son to demand a single promise.


The now-teenaged Lestat readily agreed to his mother's plea,
promising her the heads of his father's new wives as trophies of war.

It was at this time that a man arrived from Glaisne, a Mage,
who had the most reassuring, and the most disturbing, message for Lestat. He said that omens had been seen even in
mighty Hightower of a great leader, a mighty Torch of a man, sent to lead the
whole world, but that the Summoners of Artegal were seeking to keep him from
fulfilling his destiny.

The man from Glaisne helped Lestat lead armies against the
men loyal to his father, taking city after city after city until at last, on
his twenty-first birthday, Lestat faced his father on the battlefield and
killed him. Then he proceeded to kill
his father's wives and their sons so that none could survive to threaten his

Still, there was no peace in Lestat's heart with the death
of his father. The Keeper of the Crystal was dead, but
Lestat was not Keeper in his place. It
was at this time that rumors began circulating that there were plots afoot in
other Nations.

Lestat began to even suspect his allies of treachery. He was drunk one night and had several of his
strongest supporters killed for the meagerest of slights, including the man
from Glaisne.

About a year after the death of his father, Lestat had
almost completely conquered Brimlad.
Only a few areas still resisted him, and one of them was the ruined
palace at Chigaru-Issa, the home of the Crystal of Brimlad itself. Claiming the Crystal would cement Lestat's position as
Ruler of Brimlad and enable him to Summon the Divine Shokanjuu within it.

He was able to claim the Crystal only after the collapse of the plots
of Glaisne, but at last it was his. Now
his only fears were that a true Summoner would arise from the people of Brimlad
to challenge him and take his place.

He is constantly on guard against the plots of the Summoners
and plans to expand his control past the borders of Brimlad, secure in the
believe that, though he is not a Summoner, rulership of the whole of Artegal is
his destiny and his right as the Chosen One.


Site Connections: The site creator brought me here. I am sure I
know all the active members from FFO.

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Lestat de Lioncourt

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Re: Lestat de Lioncourt

Post by Celestria on Mon Feb 08, 2010 12:23 am

Like the character, like the concept, I think it can work.

I need to talk to you about fitting the history into what I know of the history of Brimlad so that I can make adjustments to the National description once I can get you approved. Mostly it has to do with the time frames and all that because he can only have taken the National Throne in the past year since Glaisne ensured that all Crystal Keepers were killed prior to their attempt to steal all the magic. If we need to have something of an ongoing campaign and the death of the previous Keeper being part of it, then we can do that. It's a matter of making sure nothing contradicts itself.

That and I need to make sure that we aren't completely destroying Grana's character concept since I think he wanted a National Throne as well. You got posted first, you get first dibs, but I just want to make sure that no one's feet get stepped on.

Anyway, when you get a chance, talk to me. We can make this work.



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Re: Lestat de Lioncourt

Post by Lestat de Lioncourt on Mon Feb 08, 2010 6:08 am

No problem. The history of his character can easily be changed. I tried my best to fit it into the little history I knew of the area.

I will chat with you on FFO I guess later today. Or just send me a pm with where you chat or you chat information or something. I do not mind working with you ^^
Lestat de Lioncourt

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Re: Lestat de Lioncourt

Post by Celestria on Mon Feb 08, 2010 9:37 pm

Okay, after revision to the Weaknesses and a History that brings the character in line with the background of the setting, everything looks good to me.


Thank you for being so understanding.



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Re: Lestat de Lioncourt

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