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Grana Grigori

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Grana Grigori

Post by Grana on Mon Feb 08, 2010 5:56 pm

Name: Goes by the alias Grana, his "true" name long since forgotten

Age: 3,678 years old, appears no older than 20.

Race: Elf

Gender: Male

Homeland: Fiacre

Class: Black Mage

SubClass: Warrior

Strengths: High strength, speed, and magical abilities. Can be described as a jack-of-all,master-of-none. As with all elves, he possesses extremely sharp senses and an affinity with animals.

Weaknesses: Grana's senses are remarkably sharp, even for elves. A bit of a mixed blessing, this leaves him weak to bright flashes of light or loud noises, which occasionally disorient, blind, or deafen him. A powerful mage, Grana resonates with the natural energy around him, and takes increased damage from Earth-based attacks.

Battle Style: Grana takes the battle in steps, when he can: Starting with a barrage of long-ranged spells, Grana is capable of winning battles without moving so much as a finger. If the opponent is able to get through the barrage, or Grana runs out of mana, Grana will fight with quick, disabling strikes, using his knowledge of anatomy to take the opponent apart piece by piece in a ruthless manner.

Appearance: Grana is tall, about 6' feet tall, a shock of spiky, ice-white hair reaching his shoulders. A pair of glacial-blue eyes, half-hooded, can strike fear into the hearts of the stoutest men. A lean, muscular body, pale skin flawless save for a single scar on his right wrist, is covered in a flowing white garment covered in arcane symbols from various societies that he met before settling in Artegal. Wearing a pair of traditional Japanese clogs, wearing white pants, Grana is the very embodiment of winter, cold, severe, and deadly. The only decoration is a silver Celtic cross, with an odd, pulsing purple gem in the center, the pulse of which can be used as an indication of Grana's condition.

Personality: Grana's cold wardrobe is a reflection of the wearer's personality: beautiful, but cold and merciless. Underneath the icy exterior, which can be cracked only with time, lives a completely different person: Warm, friendly, and relaxed, the "real" Grana is a kind and caring person. The facade of his cold shell is a learned response from his long years, to guard himself from those who would seek to harm or use him. His long years have instilled in him a respect for the beauty of nature, and he can often be found simply lying outdoors, enjoying the outdoors. Combine this with a healthy respect for the advances of society, and Grana is comfortable regardless of his surroundings, an air of immutable calm surrounds him. Intelligent, wise, and courageous, Grana would make a good leader, but prefers to stay in the shadows of obscurity and help from there. One who values his freedom above all else, even his life.

History: Grana's history is long, and weaves a rich tapestry of events. Born to Díneninu and Silianu, Grana was marked from birth to be a Seeker. As with most Seeker children, Grana's mental and physical growth were extraordinary. Grasping complex concepts far beyond the scope of those his own age, and picking up any knowledge, be it the art of combat, magic, or politics, Grana developed to adulthood at the age of three.. And his rapid growth never stopped.

A seeker is burdened with the task of seeking the truth, and is a law unto himself, divining the truths and judging right from wrong starting from the age of three. Openly welcomed, but privately feared and reviled, Seekers live hard lives, a part of, but separate from, those whom they love and wish to protect. At the age of 15, after a particularly terrifying case in which he was forced to condemn a man to death for stealing to save his family, Grana attempted to commit suicide. An Elvish girl, a year older than him, found him laying in an alley, bleeding to death from a slashed wrist. Panicking, she cast a powerful restorative spell, one that took a toll on her body, leaving a white streak in her black hair, and almost killing her in the process.

This was the beginning of his first, and, to date, only, love. The two wandered through the worlds, working together, sharing his burden.Their happiness lasted five hundred years, Grana growing more and more arrogant as the time went past, and he began to forget himself, becoming enslaved by the very power that he was meant to use to protect others. Finally, one fateful day, the two became embroiled in a civil war over a sacred blade, entombed in a shrine that lay on the border of two powerful nations. Seeking to resolve the conflict by removing the source of the argument, the blade itself, the pair sneaked into the temple. On a pure-white altar lay two items: an eroded stone tablet, and an enormous Odachi. Grana grabbed the tablet, and his mate grabbed the hilt of the Odachi. Unknown to the pair, the blade was one of a set of two paired blades. The Odachi has power over the realm of the living, and its mate, over the realm of the dead. The blade killed her on the spot, leaving a weeping Grana to carry the tablet, the blade, and a small cross worn by his felled lover out of the temple as the armies of the two nations rushed to the temple, trying desperately to protect the treasure from an Outsider who knew nothing of its terrible power.

After three days of mourning, Grana picked up the tablet, and went to chuck the wretched thing away. As he walked slowly to the ship's incinerator, Grana read the tablet. What could be made out from the faded characters mentioned the paired blade, and the ability to touch the realms of the living and the dead together, once per Era, and do one of two things: Kill one person, or bring one person back from the grave. One other word was readable on the tablet. The name of a small, strange world, one where Fate twisted in odd ways:


Grana went back to his life as a Seeker, his once warm and friendly personality now sheathed in a thick, icy armor of feigned indifference, biding his time until he made his way to Artegal, and his beloved. When the ship landed, Grana thanked the Spirits for his fortune, and has, since then, wandered the nations of Artegal, seeking the resting place of the unholy blade, coming back to rest in Fiacre when his searches prove fruitless. Hearing of a new Keeper, Grana now journeys to meet with her, to formally introduce himself, as he has done with every Keeper since their arrival in Artegal. Whether or not he shall ever meet again with his beloved depends on the pattern the strands of Fate weave.

Pictures: http://www.finalfantasyunion.com/cprofiles/img/weiss-the-immaculate.jpg Closest I could come, but with a few slight differences. I hate Weiss, but he's close enough to my character that I can use him.

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Re: Grana Grigori

Post by Celestria on Mon Feb 08, 2010 8:40 pm

Okay, for clarification, so that everyone knows what's going on with Grana, he's one of the Firstcomers, one of the ones who was on the Vessel that carried the Elves and the Petie to Artegal in the first place.

Other than that, Approved. Welcome aboard, Grana.



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