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Basics and Welcome

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Basics and Welcome Empty Basics and Welcome

Post by Celestria on Wed Jan 06, 2010 10:40 pm


Welcome to Spirits of the Crystal. This is a forum for fans of the Final Fantasy RPG videogames to come and role play in a world based upon the worlds we love so well. By coming here, we hope that you seek to join our numbers and become another member of our group.

Admittedly, if you are unfamiliar with the concept of forum-based role-play, this might seem a bit daunting. I know that it was very daunting for me when I first started, and I have twenty years of experience with role-playing and even more years with writing.

Text-based role-playing, like we have here, is a form of community created fanfiction. Basically, each player controls a single character, sometimes more than that, and together we weave a tapestry that tells a unified story. Sort of.

Well, that's the theory at least.

Community driven fiction is chaotic even at best, but it is rewarding beyond anything which is done alone. When more than one person is involved in a story, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts, and it can be a wonder to behold.

It's why I keep coming back to role-playing, even though I have honed my writing skills through other forms of fiction.

Community driven fanfiction is even more particular, and just as rewarding.

There are, though, some things that a beginning player needs to know before starting out on the character building process.

First off, the medium we use is text. Color can be added to text to make it more visually appealing, but the way we communicate is through words. That means that every attempt to use those words properly is highly appreciated. Spellcheck, a handy thesaurus, whatever you need to use, make use of it. But what is more important is the imagination and creativity which each player brings to the board.

You will notice fairly quickly that the world of Artegal is not a world which has ever appeared in any of the Final Fantasy games, past, present, or possibly future. That is because Artegal is an original creation. I made Artegal and I wove into the world certain features which are common to Final Fantasy including the familiar airships and Chocobos.

Now, the first step to becoming a player is to post a character for approval on the Character Creation board. This is discussed in more depth in the Character Creation Template post, which is an announcement at the top of the page. Use the template. It exists for a reason. Yes, you can make it pretty with colors if you so desire, but please, don't alter it if you can avoid it.

Once the character is approved then you, the player, can set about building Weapons and Spells or Skills. Be sure to follow the templates on those boards as well.

Once you have your character, then you are cleared for RP, but most players choose not to RP until they at least have their weapon cleared in case it becomes necessary in the introduction thread (which has been known to happen). I have even had one character handed a weapon by another character because not even the character knew yet that she had one of her own. (Yeah, twisted situation, but fun.)

Before posting a spell or a skill for approval, be certain to post in the Residency section of the world where you seek to live, so that the World Leader, if there is one, knows that your character is going to be living there, and so that there is no confusion about your spells, since a world is required for them.

To post RP simply go to the RP section of the world where you are entering and open a thread introducing your character. Unless you have prearranged with another player to handle the introduction in another way, the best bet is to make the thread (Open) so that anyone can join in. From there it should be simple enough to proceed.

There are a few terms that bear defining at this point, because you will likely run across them at some point.

God-Mod (also God-Modding). Usually used as an adjective to describe something as stupidly powerful or without counter-balance. It is related to something called a "God Mode" in videogames, a cheat code that makes the player invincible or otherwise unreasonably powerful. It is a cheat. It is not fun for anyone. I have used "It is a good day to die" in WarCraft II. It's not as much fun. It is also used to describe the situation where one character predetermines the actions of another one, without prior consent.

Rhinohiding. This is where one player refuses to accept any legitimate hits that another player may have gotten in a combat situation. The term comes from something that is an actual problem in medieval recreation groups that have forms of combat, where certain fighters will not acknowledge hits by fighters they feel are below them. It is very difficult to judge, sometimes, particularly with powerful fighters who are legitimately fast and strong. But make no mistake, it is still cheating and it is still wrong.

Noob. A noun, usually, to describe someone who is very new to a situation and thus very ignorant of the common, unspoken rules. It is a term usually used in derision, and thus I really don't like it. The less derisive term is Newbie, and it is simply a way of saying that someone is unfamiliar with the environment and so makes stupid mistakes out of ignorance, not maliciousness. Everyone goes through a Newbie phase. It's okay. I'm very forgiving of honest mistakes, just don't make a habit of it.

RP, also Role-play, role-playing, role-players. Relating to what we are all here to do, which is, pretending to be a character and interact with other players who are pretending to be their characters. This is how we build our stories. It's a whole lot of fun, at least, I think so. I should hope that you will find it so as well.

Bump. This is the word used to describe the one word, or single sentence posts that are designed to bring attention back to something that had fallen out of awareness. It's considered polite, when a Moderator is attempting to help you as a player to see something through the approval process and you edit your post to take clarifications into account, to follow with a Bump post so that the Moderator knows that you have finished your edits and would like the post looked at again.

NPC, or Non-Player Character. Any character that is not controlled by another player and exists for the purpose of conversation and interaction in a given RP. Canon characters can be NPCs if they haven't been claimed by anyone. If the character is claimed, though, that character cannot be NPCed without prior consent.

That should be sufficient to get you started. If you have other questions, please do not hesitate to ask any staff member, or even myself.

I look forward to meeting you in RP.

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