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Rain of Fire

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Rain of Fire

Post by Darkness on Wed Feb 10, 2010 7:18 am

Name: Rain of Fire

Appearance: Advocat lifts one of his hands and snaps his fingers before a large rip appears in the sky over the target or targets, the rip is actually a very small portal that is linked to Hell itself. This causes Hell's local weather to temporarily appear in this realm, and Hell's weather normally consist of it raining fire and brimstone which means bad news for the targets. Soon everything under the rip is bombarded with fire and brimstone that will burn or pummel a person or thing into submission.

Class/Purpose: Offensive

Elemental Associations: Fire

Effect: Deals light fire damage to all in a ten by ten area

Range: Long

Magic Cost: 20

Special Notes: Yes he is a mage. He is from Glaisne

History: Rain of fire is a good area of effect spell that Advocat learned back in his mortal days, he found that such spells were quite useful when it came to dealing with a pack of archers that tried to snipe him with their arrows and did a good job at keeping him from getting too close to them. Also he found it pretty damn funny to see them think it is the end of the world when the spell is in use, as most religions beings start to cry and pray to god for forgiveness for what ever sin they have committed.

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Re: Rain of Fire

Post by Celestria on Wed Feb 10, 2010 7:31 am

Lesseee . . . Light seems to be the general term for Tier 1 damage . . . which is good. Area of Effect for a 10 by 10 is the bump up in mp usage . . . seems good to me. No notations to the otherwise says that it's a single post duration.

Looks like this can be . . .




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Re: Rain of Fire

Post by Darkness on Wed Feb 10, 2010 2:38 pm

Thank you my dear. *uses spell on some schools* Don't really know if people would call that good or evil.......

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Re: Rain of Fire

Post by Sponsored content

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