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Races of Artegal

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Races of Artegal Empty Races of Artegal

Post by Celestria on Wed Jan 06, 2010 10:43 pm

Native Races

Let me make this clear. Being of a certain race doesn't mean you have to be from where that race is from. As long as it makes sense with your History, you can make almost anything work.

Merrow - Children of Sea

Native to: Eremaki, Ula-Ronat

Merrow are reasonably human-looking. Their hair and eyes tend to be a shade of blue, or a mix of blue and another color. Other than this, they are unremarkable, at first glance. However, upon detailed examination, it is obvious that, with their webbed hands and feet, and their gills, well-hidden behind their ears, they are adapted for life on land and in water.

Merrow Racial Ability: Volt Touch: Merrow can charge their bodies with bioelectrical energy, adding the Thunder Element to their attacks. (Does not work with Ranged Weapons, or non-conductive weapons.)

Auran - Children of Sky

Native to: Vardit, Glaisne, Fiacre, Brimlad

The Auran are, of the four Native races, the most like the humans we know. Other than being built taller and leaner than your average human, there's nothing immediately remarkable about an Auran. However, they DO have exceptional abilities. Auran have the ability to turn their heads 180 degrees, and possess the sharpest eyes of any being, Native or Crystalborn.

Auran Racial Ability: Akimbo: Auran can Dual-Wield Ranged weapons from the start, without suffering any loss of accuracy. (Throwing Weapons included.)

Dwemer - Children of Earth

Native to: Ferris, Raonaid

Dwemer are the smallest of the four Native races. This is due to the environments they inhabit, which are very unforgiving of life. Every single Dwemer has bright red hair, and emerald green eyes. (This is a dead giveaway to Dwemer half-breeds.) Speaking physically, they are among the mightiest Native race, capable of feats that others would be simply amazed by.

Dwemer Racial Ability: SuperPower: With the exception of Polearms, Staves, and Ranged Weapons, A Dwemer can wield any two-handed weapon with a single hand. Also, when wielding a single weapon, a Dwemer experiences doubled Strength.

Malan - Children of Ages

Native to: Astraea

The Children of Ages, the Malan. Only existing in the once-fabled Astraea, the Malan are an odd sort. Malan have a stature similar to the Merrow, and are even LEANER than the Auran. (A vegan diet will do that to you.) Their appearance is always the same. Brown or blonde hair, brown or blue eyes. They are, perhaps, the most powerful of the Native races.

Malan Racial Ability: Adaptability: Malan characters begin play with a bonus Enchantment slot at 0 points that does not count against their limit. Additionally they can upgrade a second weapon on the same scale as the first, and can upgrade a total of six weapons, with the third taking the place of the second normally and so on.

*Note: All Malan are subject to Admin Approval.

--- --- ---

Crystalborn Races

Cravat - Conjurers
Cravat are a highly magical race, considered strange, even by other Crystalborn. Created through magic ages upon ages ago, Cravat are a genderless lifeform, persisting through reincarnation. They have a frail-looking, human-like body, and large eyes and ears. All Cravat have an ability to summon chiropteric wings from their back, enabling flight.

Cravat Racial Ability: The Black Waltz: If a Cravat is attacked with a Spell matching its own elements, it can cast that same spell back at the user. If the Cravat's MP is insufficient, all MP is consumed.

Moogles - Shamen
Moogles are a beastlike race originating from the Crystals. Once near-human, the Moogles have evolved into something completely different. Standing at about two feet tall, Moogles heavily resemble rabbits. Short, downy fur covers their bodies, protecting them from the elements. Their long, floppy ears and gossamer-like wings enable them to evade those who would harm them.

Moogle Racial Ability: Pierce: A Moogle's Spells cannot be Reflected, nor can they be stopped by any other spell. Spells or Abilities of a Summon ignore this. Moogles cannot cast Reflect, Shell, or the like.

Elves - Evokers
Ah, the Elf. What needs said, really? Tall, wispy-looking humanoids, their very presence exudes magic. Their hair, eyes, and skin are all unusually light in color, further enhancing their otherworldly look. Like the Nightmaren, Elves also possess the long, pointed ears associated with superhuman hearing. As an odd note, Elves only have four fingers on each hand.

Elven Racial Ability: Rapid Fire: By paying 50 MP when Summoning, reduce the Cooldown Timers on summons by 3 Posts. Cooldowns cannot be reduced past one.

Dullahan - Lords
The Dullahans are a very mysterious race. Even the other Crystalborn don't quite know where they came from, or even what they look like. A Dullahan is encased head-to-toe in mythril armor, and swaddled in silk, satin, and other fine fabrics. None have ever seen what lies beneath, and it is rumored that their armor is hollow. One thing is certain, however: The Dullahans are the uncontested masters of magic, in any form.

Dullahan Racial Ability: Gran Grimoire: Dullahans can access the Soul Element from the very start.

*Note: All Dullahans are subject to Admin Approval.

--- --- ---
If a player wishes another racial option, like a Beastman race familiar to Final Fantasy, then please ask and we'll see if something can be done to make the race available. These are the most common races on Artegal, not necessarily an exhaustive list.

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