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Contracts with Death Dealers

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Contracts with Death Dealers Empty Contracts with Death Dealers

Post by Darkness on Fri Feb 12, 2010 6:58 pm

Ok kiddies I am a Death Dealer one of the only ones in this site for now, now normally that wouldn't mean a thing to you BUT there is one little part about my race you MIGHT be interested in.

You see Death Dealers are able to give Devil Contracts which are sort of like wishes you pay for to get, and to ensure that no one says I am cheating or that I swindled them I will put down some of the ground rules right here right now........oh aren't I a nice guy?

Rule number one: Neither the Death Dealer nor the person signing said contract can break it. Which means if you sign it there is NO backing out AT ALL. Though there is ONE loophole to this, if someone else makes a contract with the same Death Dealer so that he or she will let the other person off the hook. They can do that BUT only if what they give the Death Dealer is twice as valuable as what the other person would be giving the Death Dealer.

Rule number two: What you can ask for in a contract is based on the value of the object the Death Dealer is getting, so if you are only paying the Death Dealer in money the most you can get from them is just a one time help in a fight and that is it and even then they might just not make a contract with you.

Things that will get you good contracts will be powerful spells, weapons, summons, and armor and maybe enough NPC souls. *A death dealer must have an empty spot if they plan to get a summon or spell for payment* Things that will get you really good contracts will be the souls of party members.

Things that will get you extremely good contracts will be the souls of your own character. WARNING THIS WILL KILL YOU IF YOU MAKE THIS CONTRACT! Things that will get the best of the best kind of contract will be contracts made by virgin young player characters who give up their soul to save another, virgin young souls are valuable enough but add self sacrifice makes the souls even more valuable. WARNING THIS WILL KILL YOU AS WELL IF YOU MAKE THIS CONTRACT.

Rule number three: There are a few wishes you just can't wish for in a contract no matter what, ya sort of lame but that is the deal with making sure no god modding happens. You cannot wish to be invincible, to be a god or goddess, to have someone killed, or to have something from the site that you couldn't normally get. NO using my contracts to get more summons than you should be able to have or shouldn't be able to control. NOTE ON THE KILLING WISH! You can wish for my guy to attack and TRY to kill someone, but if the person dies or not from the attack does not matter you must pay me for it. Though I MUST try to kill them with all my heart, I can't half ass it or I break my end of the deal.

Rule number four: IF someone tries to kill a Death Dealer to save another from their contract then the person who signed the contract MUST help the Death Dealer fight the other person off and they have to actually try to help. Also if the person that signed the contract tries to kill the Death Dealer at any time during a contract they are allowed one warning before their soul is forcefully torn out of their body and they will die. You do NOT try to double cross a death dealer.

Rule number five: IF a Death Dealer try to break his or her end of a contract he or she will be forced to give the other person a free contract, they get a wish for free and the Death Dealer gets nothing.

Rule number Six: If at any point a person dies before they pay a Death Dealer back for a contract, that person's soul will be sent to the Death Dealer directly as payment.

Rule number seven: YOU MUST PM LEI'AHREE YOUR WISH FIRST IF IT IS A VERY BIG ONE. You not getting your wish until the Death Dealer is given the ok from her.

SPECIAL NOTE!!!!: You can become a Death Dealer but only Advocat can turn you into one as he the only one strong enough to do that, if you become a death dealer though you can NOT use holy anything that is holy.....PERIOD any other element is ok but holy is a no go for Death Dealer race. Now anyone and I mean ANYONE can be turned into a Death Dealer so don't worry about your original race being a problem. But be forewarned once you become a Death Dealer there is no way out of it, also you have to be on Advocat's side at all times so you can't attack him.

Bonuses for being a Death Dealer is that one you gain the ability to fly, two you can now use
scythes, three you will gain ever lasting life so as long as you don't get killed you will never grow old and die, four you can make contracts, and five you gain the ability to see souls. Though the last must be made into an enchantment, also this is a big contract so you got to get Lei'ahree's approval before I can change you into one of my race.

Oh and Death Dealers are always of the pale skin so if you have dark skin you will become more white and your eyes will gain a red color to them.

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