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Lets make a deal.

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Lets make a deal. Empty Lets make a deal.

Post by Darkness on Fri Feb 12, 2010 7:55 pm

Now normally in Glaisne they don't have much to deal with as they seem to be only worried about their tech and their magic, but well now they DO have something to deal with as they were finding more and more people dead every day. Some seemed to be sliced and diced by a blade and others seemed to just have their souls sucked out of their bodies or something, the local law enforcement people were looking for the cause of all this as it was scaring the living day lights out of people. And the fact that some have seen a figure that looked exactly like death himself well that wasn't helping at all as mass panic would break out if anything else was to be added to the stress of the city, but one man in the city was perfectly fine with all this chaos and strife and that was none other than Advocat himself as he said "Oh it is so good to see the mortals panicing like this......though at times they do make it so dreadfully easy that it boarders on being very boring indeed......*sighs* When will a mortal with half a brain show his or herself........I am getting quite bored....."

Advocat then noticed his little black leather book was glowing and so he lifted it up to see that another name written in blood was starting to glow and that meant that it was time to collect his due, with that his body became covered in shadows and where once stood a handsome young man now stood a figure cloaked in darkness with a scythe that seemed to just scream for souls to devoure. The figure took off without a sound as not even the fabrics that made up his cloak seemed to make even a russle, within moments he was outside a borthel and with that he thought *My my....this one seemed to use that large sum of cash to get this I see........ah lust is a very wonderful sin indeed....* With that he opened the door and slipped right in, he was using the shadows and his black cloak to keep hidden from the others and in due time he reached the room his pray was located in.

He made a downward slash on the door which didn't seem to even move before finally it fell apart scaring the people inside, he went into the room to see the target he was after was surrounded by three women though they quickly fled from the man when Advocat said "If you wish to live.......leave, I have no problem gathering three extra souls tonight..." Advocat looked down at the sleezey man and said "Hello Will.......it is time to pay up you know....." "N-no please I have plenty of women you can take souls from......" "Will Will Will......the contract called for you soul......not the souls of soiled women......and with all that sin of lust inside your soul.........well lets just say you are too valuable to pass up...." replied the skeletal face that was now Advocat's. When Will heard this his face paled before he tired to run away, with that Advocat sighed and said "Why do they always run......" he took off after the man all the while scaring anyone and everyone that got in the way.

The chase broke out into the streets as the man had jumped out of a window on the first floor with Advocat right behind him, and he was getting closer and closer every second as Will screamed for someone to save him. But he then tripped and fell onto the ground really banging up his knees really badly, with that Advocat was right over him as Will said "Please have mercy." "I haven't had mercy for a few thousand years." replied Advocat before he slashed Will right across the face with his blade. Will's soul was sucked out of his body but his face was unharmed though now his soul would suffer forever inside Advocat's little black book, after all this was done Advocat flew off to a location a few blocks away before changing back to normal as he said "Ho hmmm.....that wasn't interesting at all."

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