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Steam Army *NPC Army of Glaisne*

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Steam Army *NPC Army of Glaisne* Empty Steam Army *NPC Army of Glaisne*

Post by Darkness on Sat Feb 13, 2010 7:11 pm

Name: The Steam Army

Troops: 100 when on offense, 150 when on defense

Armament: Giant drills made out of top grade metals, three finger claw hand used for crushing and grabbing made out of top grade metals, and sports a steam rifle that uses high pressure steam to fire out a small rock or piece of metal at very high speeds to do range attack. It is a single action one and needs to be reloaded for each shot. Also they sport crouch wenches that are normally used to hook onto heavy things so that they can drag them behind themselves.

Battle Style: The steam golems in this army fight much like how a human army fights but only because they follow the commands of a leader to the letter and do not stop, they will keep coming at a person even after they have been badly damaged. They normally use their drills, claw hand, and sheer weight and size to crush, kill, and throw their enemies out of the way, they do use their steam rifles to attack while they are getting closer to the enemy and when dealing with range fighters. If that isn't enough they tend to grab anything near them and throw it as a weapon, be it rock, tree, metal, stone, body, or piece of another steam golem. Be warned these things are VERY strong and VERY tough but they can't move really fast when it comes to running but they do move fast enough to swipe you out of the way if you get too close.

Description: Steam golems stand fifteen feet high, they are made out of metal that is pretty good for use as armor, they are covered in very strong gears and are powered by steam which can be seen billowing out of their backs. They stand an amazing seventeen feet tall and by god do they weight a bunch around seven tons to be exact, they have glowing blue eyes and a blue point on their chest where the heat for the steam is produced. The machines flames are actually produced by a demon that is possessing the pile of metal and gears, this also gives those gears a lot of tork so jamming wood and most metals into the gears will only get them snapped off though breaking metal stuck in the gears do damage the gears a bit and done enough times that gear would break.

History: Steam golems where never thought of as a weapon at any time by the people of Glaisne because simply put to fuel such weapons in any great number would require large amounts of coal or wood and Glaisne just did not have the resources to do something like that, but when Advocat gained control of Glaisne and learned of these machines he quickly figured out a solution to the power problem and with that he set to work. He gathered up many of the mages of Glaisne and made each and everyone of them sign a contract with him, the contract stated they wanted to summon powerful fire demons and that Advocat would gain control of the demons for his own use. Now Advocat could of done it himself if he wanted but he didn't feel like taking the time to go around summoning up the demons himself, after the demons were all summoned and bound to his control he gave the mages promotions for their services as he said "Even a monster like me knows when to reward good servants."

With that Advocat forced each and every summoned demon into possessing the machines so that they would power their steam driven bodies, and so with this the Steam Golems came to life and Glaisne gained an army without having to waste it's people on training for war. So now the people of Glaisne focus only on research on technology and magics while Advocat simply kept a group of workers working on keeping the Steam Golems in tip top shape.

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