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Aquaelie Empty Aquaelie

Post by Celestria on Thu Feb 18, 2010 12:28 am

Name: Aquaelie

Element: Water/Life

MP cost: 20mp

Normal: Shapeshifting – Aquaelie is able to alter her form to take any shape she wishes. Most often this is either the humanoid shape
or the dolphin one, but she has been known to use others. Mass remains more or less the same, it's just reshaping what is already there.
Magic: Healing Waters – Aquaelie is able to use the water and life within her to effect a magical Healing much like a Cura spell. However, because of the strength of the Healing, this requires her to rest afterwards and she cannot Heal again for 3 posts.
Extreme: Water Scream - Aquaelie raises a bubble of water around her targets and then lets loose a loud shriek that causes the bubble to explode and inflicting strong Water damage on those caught in the blast. She must rest after using this ability and cannot use it again for 5 posts.

Description: One form is of a dolphin colored turquoise green with a white underbelly. There are white swirls along her snout and head and on her tail. Another form is of a female humanoid, the same age and shape as Lei'Ahree, who seems to be composed of pure turquoise green colored water, swirling with white. She is as solid as any other person in either form, the water being as firm as flesh, though still as malleable according to her will.

History: She is Lei'Ahree's childhood friend, her very first Shokanjuu, and appeared to her in both forms as a dolphin and as a person of water to mimic Lei'Ahree's appearance. Lei'Ahree believes that the humanoid shape was one that she created specifically to mimic her own appearance so that the two of them could look alike. Aquaelie was vital to Lei'Ahree's escape from Tiernan Nathair after he betrayed her.

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Aquaelie Empty Re: Aquaelie

Post by Grana on Sun Feb 21, 2010 12:07 pm

Ehh, I'd normally like a bit more description, but that's just me nit-picking. Going to ignore my bad habit, and say:

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