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Weapons and Armor Template

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Weapons and Armor Template Empty Weapons and Armor Template

Post by Celestria on Wed Jan 06, 2010 10:49 pm

Weapons and Armor Template



Range: ((Long? Medium? Short?))


Element: ((If no elemental association to item or enchantments, then N/A can be used))

Effects: (Without upgrading, you can only have a max of 2)


Picture: ((Not needed, but helpful.))

--- --- ---


Element: ((If no elemental association to item or enchantments, then N/A can be used))

Enchantments: (Again, none more than 2.)




--- --- ---
The key to Weapon and Armor effects are that they are not Spells. They are on par with Enchantment Abilities in that they are supposed to be minor. Conditional attacks are allowed. As are Effects that boost some ability or another. Final Fantasy is filled with weapons that cause Status Effects, or that increase the effectiveness of certain abilities. Creativity is good.

The terms Effects and Enchantments are used interchangeably when in regards to Weapons and Armor. They are the same thing, just different words. Technically, the Enchantment is the Magic that is put into the Item which allows it to have the Effect, but for practical purposes they are the same.

At initial creation, up to two Effects or Enchantments are allowed. If both Effect "slots" are not used at Creation, then they may not be used as part of an Upgrade later. An upgrade system is in place and allows for upgrading a maximum of 5 weapons and 1 suit of armor. There are no limits to the number of weapons which may be created, but only 5 are allowed to be upgraded, and at most only two may be used at any one time with dual-wielding permissions. However, a weapon may be sheathed/put away and another may be drawn so long as a post is used to show the transition.

Dual-wielding is only allowed after testing by a member of the Administration and after the 100 point benchmark has been achieved.

--- --- ---
A note on technology:

Since it has been brought up in previous discussions, a slight clarification should be made. The technological level of Artegal is on par with what is customarily called Steampunk, which is mid to late 1800's to VERY early 1900's technology in terms of gears and steam-power and firearms with some fantastical elements. Firearms are allowed. They are revolvers or earlier, or some repeating rifles. Magic can be used to enhance them either through the firearm itself or through the ammunition. Basically, if the weapon wouldn't look out of place in a John Wayne movie, or in a period piece like The Last Samurai, then it should be good to go. If you want to add clockwork gears to make it look cool, more power to ya.

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