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Experience Points!

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Experience Points!

Post by Masurao on Mon Jul 12, 2010 3:27 am

Okay, check this out.

Unlike most sites, which use Post Count as a gauge for power, we don't.

We use Experience Points!

Now, before you start going crazy about "AWW, another table to keep track of.", listen.

For your average User, every time you post in an RP section, you earn an Experience Point. So, basically, it works EXACTLY like a Post Count System, except it only counts your RP.

Now, there are also special times where posting in a certain area will earn you more Exp. These are "Bonus Zones", and they're exactly what you think. A Bonus Zone can be in play for any number of reasons. A Site Event, a Holiday, or sometimes just as a secret perk.

Bonus Exp. can also be earned. They can be as Tournament Prizes, good work, and other things.

Okay! That's all. I hope you like our new system, as a way to keep things fair and balanced.


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Re: Experience Points!

Post by Celestria on Thu Jul 15, 2010 4:15 pm

As an additional note, because I'm the one building the charts and things, to take into account the new system I've gone through and rebalanced some of the Progression Charts to allow for the lesser number of Points that can be usually expected here vs the normal Posts system on most boards that expects a certain amount of OOC "chatter".

It means that some of the charts are going to top out much earlier than I originally had them.

Should it become an issue with players reaching that Point cap, then I will likely add progression levels. But not until I see just what kind of growth I can expect from players.

Thank you.



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