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Defining "Admin Approval"

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Defining "Admin Approval" Empty Defining "Admin Approval"

Post by Celestria on Wed Jul 14, 2010 8:45 pm

What does "Admin Approval" mean?

"Admin Approval" is a term that I use here on Spirits of the Crystals to indicate a matter that can be allowed, but needs to be tightly controlled. It's less a matter of "can only be approved by Administration", which it is, and more a matter of "prove to me that you can handle this".

In the case of Class choices there are several levels. One is "Nation or Influence" under requirements. Because this is an original setting, mostly, there are certain matters related to History and backstory that make keeping track of these things actually important. It's more than the wink and nod that I've seen on other sites but less than "we have a document that all characters must conform to" because, well, your characters are helping us WRITE that document.

Stating that a given class requires that either a character originate in a given Nation or be heavily influenced by that nation means that there are certain flavor aspects to that Class that go beyond simply what they can do. It starts getting into what they are.

"Nation or Influence" can be mitigated if a given character has a VERY good explanation and/or rationalization for the Class selection. I firmly believe that individual creativity can come up with solutions that no set of rules can truly address. If you can justify it, I'm willing to listen.

A stricter sort of limitation is that which is on such things as the Dullahan and the Summoners and on certain spells on the Canon Spell List.

I'm not trying to be a party pooper and block off all the fun stuff, nor am I trying to water everything down so that everyone is the same level of useless. Sometimes people are just stronger. Some races are just more powerful. In the case of the Summoners, sometimes Class Choice means ever so much more than simply how many creation slots a character has.

The Dullahan are OverPowered. I'll make no excuses for that. They just are. And if we didn't limit them, no one would play anything else, but they aren't supposed to be that numerous to begin with. So if someone wants to play one of the Dullahan, I'm going to need to know that I can trust this person to be able to handle the power in a mature sort of way.

Summoners are not just another form of spellcaster. They are integral to the social fabric of the history of Artegal. They are Important Characters. More than that, they are Powerful Characters. A Shokanjuu, in the hands of a Summoner, is more than just a supercharged spell. A Shokanjuu is an extraordinarily powerful ally, capable of independent action within battle and NPC status outside of it. With special permission, they can even be capable of Party Member status without using one of the Party Member slots for the purpose of non-combat role-play, which GREATLY increases the Summoner's opportunities for Role Play Posts, which means that they get more Points and thus gain power much more quickly than would otherwise be possible.

While Dullahan are simply OverPowered, Summoners are on an EXP fast track. Both need to be controlled lest nothing else be chosen on site.

In most cases relating to an "Admin Approval" situation, I'm going to ask for an RP sample or some other form of reference. I'll want to see something indicative of your best efforts and your average efforts. But just using a lot of words isn't going to impress me and I want to be impressed by someone who is asking for a restricted honor.

The last form of the "Admin Approval" is for certain spells that go even further Above and Beyond 3rd Tier damage than the usual 4th Tier spells like Flare and others. These spells are Huge and Powerful spells. They can only be used once in a thread and they should be treated like the awesome powerhouses that they are. You'll notice that there are three of these spells. One limited to Black Mages, Meteor. One limited to White Mages, Holy. One limited to Red Mages, Ultima. Should other magic-using classes wish to create Custom 5th Tier spells like these, then I will take it under advisement, but know that it's going to be a difficult approval.

As a final note, "Admin Approval" isn't intended to discourage creativity, but to acknowledge that some things need to be tightly controlled so that matters do not spiral into chaos, which I have seen them do in the past.

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