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Crucent's Application

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Crucent's Application

Post by Crucent on Fri Jul 16, 2010 8:46 am

Name: Crucent

Age: 30, no difference in actual and appearances.

Race: Elf (or as i will always call it Elvaan lol)

Gender: Female

Homeland: The village of Neorah, on an island in Ula-Ronat.

Class: Monk

SubClass: Warrior

Elemental Affinities:
Primary: Light
Secondary: Fire

Strengths: Crucent is a monk, so she is extremely good at close and mid-ranged fights as she uses her hands and feet as weapons. She is very fast whenever she moves in a fight.
Beeing born a Virgo, she also is good at lightbased magic.

Weaknesses: Beeing always a fighter first, she is not really adept at any other magic.
Other then Light wich she only ever uses when she really is out of other options, she doesn't care much for magic when she uses or needs it, but she greatly admires and respects others who can handle it with ease.

Battle Style: Crucent tends to run in, ready to beat the snot outta her enemy all the time.
She is very up close and personal in combat, but doesn't always think ahead about how to actually survive said fights, much to the frustration of others.

Appearance: Crucent is a tall elf, so, compared to an average human who is say 183 cm (6 ft) and weighs in at 70 Kg (154 pounds) she'd be 20 cm taller, i.e 6 ft and 8 inches but probably only weigh 11 or 22 pounds more. She has short almost white hair that goes halfway down her neck. On the left side of her face she has a braid wich she never takes out. No particular reason, She just likes it^^
Her eyes are a lightbrown color. And as for clothing she is almost always in her everyday fight gear wich is a Harness on her torso, gloves, pants, shoes and crown, Brown Belt and a Gold Chain around her neck.

Personality: She's very easygoing, and gets along with mostly everybody. She tends to like exploring and having fun. She's not that keen on fighting, but if the mood catches her she'll beat enemies with the best of them (or die trying^^) She's a bit of a loner at times and is quite happy to sit in her house and relax with a cup of Tea or something. She has reputation for beeing whimsical, and her humour is flirty, but only with friends who know her really well.

History: this may be a little long, so get the popcorn.

Born in the strict Elvaan kingdom's capital of San d'Oria on the planet of Vana'Diel, she lived a perfectly normal life with her parents who both worked for the Royal Guard.
Seeing how her parents were very well respected and high up in the ranks, Crucent was fortunate
enough to get the best training any child could have, both in combat, military history and world history. So she happily stayed there until her curiosity and restlessness peaked at 15. (Elvaans generally don't approve of too much restlessness) But then she left the city to fight the monsters that she'd heard others talk of in taverns or down at the Airship docks, as well as explore the world in all its wonders.

Having always played outside the city gates with her friends, daring eachother to fight the bunnies and other monsters that lived there, Ronfaure had never held any terrors for her, so when she left, there were no monsters roaming that area that would pose a threat to her. However as she travelled further and further, going all the way from her birthcity to the infamous trade and commerce city of that continent, Jeuno, she often found herself in great danger indeed.
When she finally entered the massive gates though, she was awestruck by the sheer vibrancy of the place. All the people who seemed to be talking, laughing, arguing and shouting all at once, and the smells wafting at her from various stall and shops nearly knocked her over after a good six months in the wild.

Fortunately, her parents had a townhouse there, so she stayed there for a month recouperating and just enjoying all the things she saw whenever she went for a walk or took a trip to the shops.

But, her curiosity got the better of her yet again when she one day left Jeuno as she'd began hearing about a new strange portal called the Atomos, that apparently could send a person who used it, to the past.
Intrigued by this, and knowing that one of these things were practically right outside Jeuno, Crucent quickly found it in Sauromugue Champaign. As she walked up to it and entered it, she wasn't afraid, just curious about what it would be like on the other side, 20 years ago. But it seemed something went wrong, because when she emerged on the other side, she was certainly not in Sauromugue Champaign, no matter how far back it might have been.

She had left an area that was very barren and rocky, with strong winds howling constantly but, she emerged into a place with vast greenery, and off to the side, a beach!

Her surprise was beyond any words she might have, so she simply sat down where she stood and took it all in. After some time, she decided to explore her new environment, and it only took her a few hours to learn that she was suddenly on a small island, with a small town on it.

She then decided to venture into the town, as she saw that its inhabitants seemed very much like
the elvaans in San'Doria. After entering the town, it didn't take her long to realize the behaviour of the Elves here were far more laid back and easy-going then their counterparts in Vana'diel though, so it didn't take her long to get aquainted with, and even accepted by them, and in a few weeks, she was the proud owner of her own house where she currently is living.


Site Connections: Got link from what's-her-name, I can't remember... Lei'Ahree, Site Creator.

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Re: Crucent's Application

Post by Masurao on Sun Jul 18, 2010 11:47 am

Well, as it is now, it's APPROVED.

Since you've come from off-world, though, I COULD make the Elvaan as a separate race.


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