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Lei'Ahree of Neorah

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Lei'Ahree of Neorah Empty Lei'Ahree of Neorah

Post by Celestria on Fri Jul 16, 2010 9:26 am

Name: Lei'Ahree of Neorah
Age: 17 years
Race: Elven (halfblood Merrow)
Gender: Female
Homeland: Astraea, born in Ula-Ronat

Class: Summoner
SubClass: Shaper

Elemental Affinities:
Primary: Water
Secondary: Wind/Air
Tertiary: Life/Holy

Strengths: Magical ability is high, and she has something of an affinity for animals and such creatures as well as a deep connection to her environment. She can hold her breath for unreasonable amounts of time (plus she's got those gills she inherited from her mother and the ability to shape herself to a degree). She's very fast, both in the water and out of it and she's very agile.

Weaknesses: Because she's Elven, her defense is going to be lacking a touch. Okay, more than a touch. In all honesty, it's her worst quality. Also, because the ocean and the islands of Ula-Ronat are so much a part of her, Lei'Ahree doesn't react well to Lightning elemental magic, taking slightly more damage than usual.

Battle Style: Lei'Ahree's strengths lie in magic, so she tends to prefer to cast from a distance and only closes that distance when she has to. She has been known to alter her shape and use that to escape an environment, but when she becomes enraged she takes on all the horrifying power of the late summer storms.

Appearance: Lei'Ahree is very tan, a light-to-medium brown actually, in complexion, like most natives of Ula-Ronat. Her hair is very dark black and her eyes are a deep purple color. She tends to wear blues and greens and even pale purples at times in a desire to keep at least the colors of the sea at her side even when she is not in the water. Her jewelry is usually pieces she has made herself from stones and shells and pearls from her native land. The necklace she wears most often has three shells separated by pearls at the center and then they are surrounded by other beads in the blues and greens of the seawater itself.

Personality: Restrained emotionally unless she is pushed past her control. Lei'Ahree still struggles with the role she has been called to play but she is what she is and cannot change it. She does not take well to being ordered around and holds her freedom very dear. In point of fact, she holds all freedom dearly, because she knows how easily it can be lost. For all her restraint, though, her emotions run as deep as the sea itself.

History: Lei'Ahree was born the daughter of Serahlani, a Merrow woman, and Ahntoor, an elven man, on the island of Neorah in Ula-Ronat, a late summer child. As a child she learned to swim almost as quickly as she learned how to walk, much like many of Neorah's children. As soon as she could hold a needle, though, she started stringing beads together. And then she started making her own beads from bits of stone and shell.

And then she started diving for pearls for her jewelry.

Her magic developed early, but Lei'Ahree never thought much about it, or about what it meant to be a Summoner. To her it was simply one more form of magic, one more way of flowing with the power like she flowed with the ocean. She didn't talk about it with anyone because she didn't think that it was something worth mentioning.

What she didn't know about Summoning has come back to haunt her.

Summoning, as it turned out, was exceptionally rare, and Summoners were valuable to the lands outside sheltered Neorah. The Great Crystal of Astraea could only be Held by a Summoner and when the previous Keeper of Astraea was murdered, those still loyal to him went looking for the only hope left for Astraea and all of Artegal.

The Summoner whose name the Great Crystal called out.

Lei'Ahree doesn't want to be a great and powerful Summoner. She doesn't want to be the keeper of Astraea. She didn't want to leave Ula-Ronat or her home of Neorah. She doesn't want to have to change . . . but change, like the sea herself, cannot be resisted. The reality of her power has struck her life with all the strength of a late-summer storm, and left her in the same shambles.

She has no choice. This is what she is.

Lei'Ahree of Neorah LeiAhreeAdven Lei'Ahree of Neorah LeiaSotC-1

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