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Little Washu

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Little Washu

Post by Darkness on Fri Jul 16, 2010 7:54 pm

Name: Washu

Age: 12

Gender: Female

Race: Malan

Appearance: Washu is a young woman who has pale skin due to her work that normally takes place inside a dark lab, she stands 4 feet tall and has green eyes, she only weights 75 pounds, she has long pink/red hair that seems to be a bit big for her body but she will never change it that much. She wears many different types of clothing from a nurse outfit to her normal clothing of a dark green open robe over a black tunic with an white obi wrap and dark tan leggings, with white ruffles on the collar of the robe.

Class: Ranger

Subclass: Beastmaster

Elemental Affinities:
Primary: Water
Secondary: Fire
Tertiary: Lightning

Strengths: Washu is very very smart so don't think mind games or anything that takes advantage of a weak mind will work on her, that also means she can be very hard to outwit in a fight and even harder to get with a trap or confuse with a problem. She is an excellent pilot and a very good markswoman so don't let her get in an machine or she will kick your ass all over the place, she is also pretty strong for a girl that is only 12 though she of course couldn't match the power of say a warrior that is older than her.

Weaknesses: Washu is completely unable to use magic of any kind thanks to an accident that has happened, thus she is completely dependent on her technology to help her in fights as you can't expect a cute little girl like her to fight with a sword and shield right? She is also very easy to capture if you can keep her away from technology so really it all depends on catching her when she is off guard and getting her before she can get her machines up and running.

Battle Style: Washu is the type of girl that likes to fight from afar and shoot up a target that is trying to harm her, but if she must get up close and personal she is more than able to mix it up with the best of them thanks to the fact a young woman needs to be able to defend herself and even more so when one is a super genius like she is. She will also use her gadgets to help her win a fight when they are needed most by her so don't expect to have just her normal weapons being shot at you.

Personality: Washu's personality is very eccentric and down right crazy at times due to how she gets when it comes to new subjects to study and learn about, she is always taking apart things and trying to learn how they work be it magic or mechanical in nature. She is though very protective of her inventions and the people she works with as she won't tolerate people picking on her friends or breaking her stuff, she can be funny at times and loves to enjoy her young form so be ready for pranks and her playing off her looks to get out of work at times.

History: Washu was born in Glaisne to a family of engineers as both her mother and father worked on keeping the machines of Glaisne working and made fairly good money with such work, this of course caused their young daughter Washu to develop a love for machines as well and to their surprise she was actually better than they were at it by the time she was five years old. This was proven by the fact she could fix a machine and it would stay fixed for a very long time which used to be hard to do, as she grew up she was sent to a school to learn how to be a better engineer but she had graduated from the place by the age of eight. This of course caught the attention of the inventors core that were the minds behind some of the greatest weapons and machines of Glasine, she was brought into a school that would help her learn more than enough to be one of the greatest mind of the nation.

Which was a perfect choice as Washu thrived in that school making even the teachers seem to be the dumb ones, she was even helping teachers with some of their machines before she was graduated at the age of fourteen which was amazing due to how most graduate from that after twenty years. She would of even graduated sooner if it wasn't for the fact that she just loved messing with the teachers there too much to try to get out sooner, she always said "Nothing is more fun than making old guys look dumb." When she graduated she was allowed to join the inventors core and thanks to her both the Steam Golems and the Nigghog were invented though it would take years later before they could be used since they both needed Advocat's demonic magic to finally function.

For years Washu worked on many different machines though she normally went back to work on what has been made and make them work better, longer, and more efficiently and when the rest of the people of Glasine were working on taking over machine she herself wouldn't get involved as she said "The chances of success are one thousand nine hundred and sixty two to one, you guys are going to fail and you might even get killed. Also like hell if I want to be stuck on that stupid ship with you guys for any long amount of time, now go away I am busy working on my newest invention." She was only allowed to get away with such words due to how her mind was too great an asset to Glasine to risk damaging or loosing, so while the others were killed she was left alone because of her refusal to be involved and the fact her lab is underground and well hidden.

By the time she was twenty four Washu had seen the fall of Glasine from its great level of power back down to a now leaderless and damaged nation, she did not care though as she knew that was the price the people would pay for those idiots choice. But she wished she could fix this and with that she had started to work on a time machine so she could go back and stop the fools before they could even get started, but as she was working on a dangerous chemical compound that was needed for time travel something went wrong and caused it to explode violently. Washu was not harmed as much as she thought she would have but she had noticed that she was much smaller and she sounded far different, when she looked in a mirror she saw that she had been turned into a twelve year old girl which made her say "Well guess that is the price I pay for trying to mess with time." it was soon after she learned she couldn't use magic at all any more and yet again guessed it was the price she had to pay for trying to mess with time.

When Advocat came into power and was working on cleaning out any of those annoying magic stealer's he learned of Washu and quickly had to brought to him, he made her the new leader of the Inventors corps and for a while she was happy with that. But she wanted to do more and because of that want Advocat learned of how she could be a great help in the field as well, he knew though that he had to convince her to come and help him without the use of force and after he had gained Laharl he got the perfect idea. He called her to his throne room once more as she said "Hello Advocat, what can I do for you?" "Greetings Washu, and I ask if you wish to join me in the field and help me in my business." "Hmm I don't know......" "What if I give you something to study that you never studied before?" "OH REALLY! SO YOU WILL LET ME STUDY YOU!?!" "......Sorry but not me....Laharl come in here." said Advocat.

Soon the door opened and Laharl walked in and looked at Washu with little interest then said "What is it Advocat?" "What do you think Washu?" said Advocat as Washu already figured out that Advocat was offering Laharl to be studied and as she looked him over she grinned and said "You got a deal." "Wait what you two talking about?" asked Laharl with confusion before Washu threw a few ropes around him and tied him up so tight not even he could get out. She started to drag him out of the room as Laharl kicked and screamed while she just grinned and said "Oh this will be fun, I hope you don't mind if I get a few....'samples'." she laughed as Laharl yelled "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Thus Washu has now become a fellow member of Advocat's group.


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Re: Little Washu

Post by Masurao on Sun Jul 18, 2010 4:39 pm

...I'm gonna allow it.


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