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Breaking the Monotony

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Breaking the Monotony Empty Breaking the Monotony

Post by Crucent on Tue Jun 21, 2011 1:48 pm


Another day, another mindboggling dull day.... was just starting in Astraea.
Crucent awoke, washed and got dressed in her usual clothing wich, these days was a stunning light purple dress that set of her skin and hair color magnificently. It had no sleeves, a dropshaped hole in the front to show some cleavage, apart from that it was hugging her figure nicely as the dress went down to the floor but had almost hip height split that showed off her legs quite a bit. Along with that went a pair of slippers, a dark grey color, and a long light yellow, almost golden belt that fit snugly around her hips as it slanted downwards, and went all the way to her ankles. Attatched to it, was what looked like an ornamental dagger, ornately designed, in reality it was a very solid weapon but Crucent made certain noone else knew that.

Boy things had changed from only a year ago, when herself and Leia and all the others had set sail to 'make the rounds' as Crucent called it. Now Leia was The Keeper, and Crucent was... Crucent was bored. Oh Leia was still her friend and not her boss, but, she was so busy attuning to the Crystal that most days Crucent was left to her own devices while servants everywhere wondered in light fear what The Keepers close friend; the Palace Guardian would shout about today.

Sighing again, Crucent decided to leave the day-to-day security to the Palace Guard for once, after all, she had trained them hard just for that and headed out into the stunningly beautiful well-manicured Palace gardens. It was sickeningly gorgeous, and today it rubbed Crucent the wrong way.

Heading along the gravel paths, till she reached the walls, she slipped unbeknownst to anyoneout of the Palace and started walking away from the bustling city. She needed to feel the fresh wind on her face and made her way eventually, to some cliffs a little way away from the City where she sat down on some large rocks and just stared at nothing, wondering what had happened to Advocat, Laharl and Len. Advocat she didn't care about but Laharl and Len had been fun, and gods knew she needed that now....


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