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How to play the game

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How to play the game Empty How to play the game

Post by Celestria on Thu Feb 02, 2012 1:26 am

This is a Role Playing Site, which means that all gameplay is done using prose written creatively to communicate the actions and motivations of such characters as are created and controlled by the writer.

There's no downloading a game. Everything takes place in the area where the written word meets the grey matter of the player behind the keyboard. It's a fascinating, addicting enterprise.

There's certain rules, though, in the interests of fair play so that everyone is able to have a good time.

No bullying. I'm serious. If I even get a whiff of it... if I even THINK that the joke you're playing on someone isn't funny to them... that would make me very angry, and you don't want to see Celestria angry.

No godmodding. This includes auto-hitting, metagaming, power playing (rhinohiding and/or ninjadodging) and various other forms of I'm-so-much-more-epic-than-everyone-that-you're-helpless silliness.

No rules-lawyering. Yes, there are going to be flaws in this system. Do not go taking advantage of them or so help me, you will feel the wrath of the Almighty fall down on your head. I will make this system as workable and solid as I am able. Helpful suggestions are appreciated. Do not take advantage of my generosity.

No foul language or obscenities. I actually have very little choice in this one, so don't go asking for special dispensation. Forumotion has a very strict ratings requirement for all sites, so don't go playing out anything "mature" or "adult" around here, and don't go asking for a special section of the forum just for that sort of malarky. Take it to email or PM (Private Messsages) or some other form of communication that doesn't include the site itself.

Don't steal other people's stuff. This includes their creations and their characters. So help me, if I find out that someone has copied someone else's creation, and they *don't* have permission secured ahead of time? Again, the wrath of the Almighty shall fall down upon the offender and I'm not turning into a tree to save them this time.

The posts on the site itself belong to the site, so I have the right to edit or alter them as I see fit when I see fit. This also extends to the content of the profiles of the members. If you put something offensive into your signature or your Avatar Image, then don't come crying to me that someone hacked your account when I change them to keep the SITE from getting into trouble. The content of all posts though, as in the concepts and ideas that are communicated, belong to the creator of that post except where it verges into territory covered by the DragonQuest theme. So if you post a custom character, that character concept is still yours if you go to another site.

I'm a writer, too, so I'm a heck of a stickler for the details of Intellectual Property.

DragonQuest belongs to Square Enix, and this includes all things relating to it. This site is intended to fall under the guidelines of fanfiction, and is not intended to be an infringement upon their rights as creators and owners.

The staff of the site has the right to alter or change these rules as needed without prior warning and reserves the right to be exempt from any and all rules at their discretion. This includes me and any to whom I choose to extend it.

By visiting and viewing this site you, the reader/guest/member, agree to abide by all these rules, so don't go thinking that you can claim exemption just because you didn't know. Well, now you know.

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