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Post by Darkness on Tue Jul 27, 2010 1:24 pm

Name: Bloodletter

Element: Darkness/Death ~ He only absorbs Darkness spells and so he takes extra damage only from Light attacks.

Normal Abilities: Cleaving Strike: An ability Bloodletter has because his weapon is so large, so heavy, and so sharp that when he swings it everyone in front of him for four feet is in danger of suffering damage from his weapon. Also he swinging so hard that blocking with a simple weapon isn't enough, though blocking will lessen the damage by forty percent the other sixty will hit you and you will get sent flying back six feet by the sheer force of it. Now spells CAN block this if they do protect you. *JUST DODGE YOU TWITS!*

Special Abilities:
Magic: Swath of Destruction~ 3 post cool down
An spell that takes advantage of Bloodletter's demonic powers, he lifts up one of his armored claws and aims it at a person or persons he wishes to attack the claw glows with darkness and hate before ten beach ball sized orbs of darkness fly out of his hand. They streak toward their targets and will explode all over the target or area, the explosions are ten feet by ten feet large and just getting hit by one is enough to suffer full damage though that means getting hit by all doesn't mean you suffer more damage. Causes medium darkness damage.

Extreme:No Man's Land~ 7 post cooldown
This is a demonic spell that is more death focused than his other attacks, this spell causes Bloodletter to lift up one of his hands over his head as he gathers up the angry souls that are scattered about the area or from hell if there are no angry souls in the area. After he does that he forces them into a small one foot by one foot orb of swirling angry souls, he then either smashes it into the ground or throws it at the ground near a target. Either way the orb goes into the ground causing a fifty foot area to become dead and bleak, nano-seconds after it hits the ground and does that the souls in the orb fly out and rip and tear at the souls of the living who are in the fifty foot by fifty foot area before they disappear. They do know the difference between friend and foe so there is no friendly fire, also this attack doesn't leave permanent damage to a person only you can say that. This attack causes heavy death damage and heals Bloodletter for 25% of all damage dealt.

Additional Magic: Dark~10 MP
Bloodletter stares at a target before a blast of darkness shoots out of his eyes, the darkness will try to hit a person to deal out base elemental damage.
Shield~ 10-infinity MP *aka it is an adjustable amount*
Bloodletter lets out a billowing roar of rage before jumping in front of who ever he is trying to protect, or if it is used to protect himself he just lets out a roar of rage and doesn't jump anywhere. His body glows before a red shield forms around himself and up to three people, this shield last for three post. FYI! If your spell uses more MP than the Shield it will break through the shield and deal its damage.

Description: Advocat will snap his fingers ever so smugly before a demonic rune appears on the ground before him, the rune shifts and changes in shape as it even spins a bit on the ground. After a few minutes the rune seems to snap into place before opening a portal, out of that portal Bloodletter jumps out and lets out a loud roar of rage. He turns to face the enemy as the rune and portal disappear. If he is defeated he will sink into the ground with fire billowing up around his form, he will claw at the ground to try to drag himself back up but either way he will go down into the earth and be unable to fight again though NPC usage is still available.

History: Bloodletter is the very first Demon that Advocat had learned to summon from hell but was not the first thing he ever summoned, before he had learned to summon imps but you really couldn't call those things demons just evil creatures at most. Back when Advocat had been only a mortal he had grown tired of dealing with just tiny little imps and other such creatures, he wanted to control the power of a demon but he knew better than to summon one with great mental will power or one that was of the upper class. For those reasons he summoned up one of the most numerous demons in hell, he summoned up a demon guard which there were about a few million in hell to say the least. He had to work on summoning this guy for a while to get it right, he had to get the symbols correct, he had to say the words right, and he had to use the right magical energy which all amounted to many places he could mess up. Also he was fairly new at this back then so he had a hard time with such magics, but still with all those things against him Advocat succeeded in summoning a demon guard correctly.

Though he had to struggle to contain the beast in the rune as it had an intense urge to rip into Advocat and make the young sorcerer bleed to death before devouring his heart and soul, but in due time Advocat placed the runes and wards on the demon that placed it into a life of servitude for him and with it being such a low level demon it seemed that it could stay in the physical realm as long as runes that prevent it from being hostile are in place. He used this demon for physical labor and for scaring off people who were too scared to face it, but when the need came he always was the first demon Advocat helped break free of the runes that kept him from fighting as he enjoyed watching the demon rend and tear people to bits with his large weapon, claws, or spikes. The demon have become a friend of sorts for Advocat as it had learned his new master gave him plenty to eat, plenty to kill, and did not constantly make it suffer like its old Master Grimmlet had done and for those reasons the Bloodletter has become blindly loyal and never tries to harm Advocat any more. It is then very fitting that this is the first demon Advocat has regained the ability to summon and though Advocat doesn't show genuine happiness at all, seeing the old demon once more did lighten his mood considerably and same for the demon.

Picture: Fifteen Feet tall *counting the spikes* and is an NPC until summoned.

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Re: Bloodletter

Post by Masurao on Wed Aug 04, 2010 6:45 pm

No Man's Land is gonna have to have a higher cooldown. Death spells are more powerful, being what it is.


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Re: Bloodletter

Post by Masurao on Wed Aug 04, 2010 8:07 pm

...Yeah, 6 is too low, still.

And, please, when you edit something? Bump, so I know.


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Re: Bloodletter

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