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Lei'Ahree's Aero

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Post by Celestria on Sun Aug 01, 2010 10:33 pm

Name: Aero

Appearance: Lei'Ahree reaches out with her magic and creates a globe of spinning air that she then directs in a blast towards her opponent, knocking them backwards, hopefully, and inflicting some damage.

Class/Purpose: Offensive, with Support and pure RP applications
Elemental Associations: Wind/Air

Effect: Tier 1 Elemental damage when used against an opponent

Range: Single Target within 20 feet of Leia at the time of casting
Magic Cost: 10 MP
Special Notes: Can be used for pure RP to allow breathing in otherwise inhospitable environments.
Mage trained? Yes, Summoner
Homeland: Ula-Ronat

History: As much as the sun and the waves, the wind is everpresent in Ula-Ronat. In most seasons it is mild and helpful to all those who live on the islands. In late summer, though, the wind can turn dangerous, whipping the sea and the waves into sheets that can overwhelm the islands with destructive force. Leia learned to use both the strength of the wild winds against her opponents and the softer winds to aid her friends, particularly when her best friend needed a way to breathe underwater without having to have someone Shape her a set of gills.

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