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Genji Momotarou

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Genji Momotarou

Post by Masurao on Fri Aug 06, 2010 6:16 pm

Name: Genji Momotarou

Age: 30

Race: Elf/Merrow

Gender: Male.

Homeland: Eremaki

Class: Samurai

SubClass: Warrior

Elemental Affinities:
Primary: Thunder
Secondary: Light
Tertiary: Aether

Strengths: Momo has a unique stat balance. High power with Skills and Spells, high Physical power, and high speed, he uses these to deal swift, powerful attacks, keeping the enemy from acting.

Weaknesses: Momo's defenses are incredibly poor, both physical and magical.

Battle Style: As stated above, Momotarou uses his abilities in hard-hitting, speedy combat styles, allowing him to rain down a wall of blades on the enemy.

Appearance: Prefering dark red in his clothes, Momotarou has surprisingly strong, stout features, as if he were a thing of Gaea's womb, not the womb of a mortal. His hair appears black, except in strong sunlight. In that instance, it is the color of clay, a very dingy red. He lacks a lot of the more bishounen sensibilities of most Eremakian noblemen, keeping his hair short and shaggy.As his status demands, his normal garb is a full kimono set. However, it's been significantly lightened, to fit a warrior's needs.

Personality: Momotarou is a conflicting man. He is capable of deep, profound thought. As well, he is an incredible strategist, and skilled politician. However, at the same time, he's very loud, blunt, and a lot more down-to-earth than most in his profession. As well, he has a relatively short fuse, and explodes violently in outburts of anger.


Genji Momotarou is, in fact, not a Genji by blood. His original name is Matsudairu Yoshinobu, a child of one of the lesser families of the Genji clan. Pushed hard by his father, he and his sister, Tsuneko, were both groomed for leadership. Thanks to their father's machinations, they were adopted into the Genji clan. Yoshinobu was given his current name, Momotarou, by his adoptive father. His sister was named Sakurako. Further keeping to his studies, he was eventually made the Genji Shogun. ...And, that's where it all started to fall apart.

In his childhood, Momotarou had been a good friend to Emperor Koumei, and like a brother to the crown prince, Masurao. And, as such, he promoted a closer cooperation with the Emperor. This was, generally, an unpopular position. People in the clan began to question his ability to lead when he went to the aid of the Imperial Family. A group of VERY disgruntled Ronin took the Emperor Koumei's order too seriously; they attempted to take control of the Imperial Court to force out the Shogunate. Momotarou led a small batallion of soldiers against the Ronin, expelling them.

At this point, Sakurako, at the urging of others in the family, took control of Momotarou. By getting him addicted to a powerful opiate, native to Eremaki, she was able to effectively subdue him. Now under suggestion from outside forces, Momotarou began reforming the Shogunate, and the military. Under him, government under the Genji Shogunate was strengthened, and massive modernization hit both the millitary and the public sector, greatly strengthening the nation. He also, in conjunction with Koumei, was able to demolish the Unequal Treaties that Glaisne and others had imposed on the nation.

However, the xenophobic Ronin and the imperial loyalists found themselves terrified of Momotarou. His influence, power, and will made him appear to be the second coming of the first Genji Shogun, Takechiyo. As a result, after the death of Koumei, they pressured the new Emperor to declare his power officially. Upon doing so, several clans leaned on the Genji clan. One clan proposed a solution that Momotarou believed would be best for all. He would return governing power to the Emperor, and the two clans would merge into one ruling body, using the Shogunal structure, with he and the Emperor as the main powers. The remaining Imperial loyalists would not have this, and declared outright war on the remaining powers of the Genji Shogunate.

Masurao's forced hand robbing him of wealth and property, and the Imperial Army forcing him to flee, it forced Momotarou to take stock of himself. When the Imperial Army arrived at the city of Musashi, he submitted, being taken to Yamashiro. Confiding in the Emperor about his addiction, Masurao offered his help, however he could. Together, they ran down the remaining powers of the Genji Shogunate; Genji Sakurako, Enomoto Urashima, and a foreigner, Conri MacDouglas. They escaped, but, Eremaki was once more whole. After aiding Masurao in restructuring the Imperial Court, Momotarou departed the country, seeking to end his addiction to opiates once and for all.






Range: ((Long? Medium? Short?))


Element: ((If no elemental association to item or enchantments, then N/A can be used))

Effects: (Without upgrading, you can only have a max of 2)


Picture: ((Not needed, but helpful.))

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Re: Genji Momotarou

Post by Masurao on Sat Feb 12, 2011 2:59 pm



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Re: Genji Momotarou

Post by Celestria on Sun Feb 13, 2011 3:22 pm

Looks good to me.




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Re: Genji Momotarou

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