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Dragon's of Future's Past...

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Dragon's of Future's Past...

Post by SailorSilvanesti on Sat Oct 30, 2010 8:37 am

It had been a loooooooooooooooooooooooong flight...of that, all in the small StarJumper were predominantly aware.

Unfortunately, the only one apparently -100%- oblivious to the nuisance they were generating by continuously racing back and forth in the small space of the rear compartment, was, in fact, young Midnite.
She was excited, Sphyria understood this and allowed for it...but if her Bond didn't stop the incessent Sendings...-*Are we there yet?*- she may just have to make herself a nice new DragonSkin Satchel!

A high-pitched whine announced the Hatchling had caught on to her mental musings and she felt the devastation she had inflicted; turning to meet the cool yellow-eyed gaze of her soul-sister, T'ylah, daughter of Tremas...last daughter of Tremas...

She always knew what to do, or say, or what action to take in these situations...

Wordlessly, she stepped out of her chair and walked towards the rear-compartment, a shrill whinny of excitement met her entrance; Sphyria could easily imagine her rubbing the Winged unicorn's shimmering, opalescent forelock, stopping -once again- to marvel at the wonderous coat of night that spread across her Bond's body.

The mental whining from her own Bond, Midnite, ceased abruptly as she sensed T'ylah sending softly to the Hatchling. After a few moments, she re-appeared, smiling.
Bringing with her a sense of calm.

Excited tension filled the air as land came into view through the front -well, the only- viewscreen...Fiacre.

Last Home of the Dragons.

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Re: Dragon's of Future's Past...

Post by SailorSilvanesti on Fri Nov 05, 2010 4:09 am

A shuddering jerk, a sound like someone tearing the lid off a can, and...they were on the shore.
Well, to be more precise, they were skimming along it, making the most horrific grating noise any elf had ever heard!

Sphyria's fists were pressed into her ears so hard, for a moment, she almost imagined she could feel them touching each other through her head!
T'ylah grinned at her, the warrior-elf sighed, so much for privacy...
Then laughed.

The moment the rear hatch descended, blinding sunlight and an array of new and different scents assailed them, making Sphyria feel quite light-headed; reeling slightly, she let them, let the feeling of fresh green growing things, wash over her body completely.
She breathed out a sigh in exhilaration!

Clopping hooves announced they'd better move quickly!
Throwing themselves clear of the rear-compartment with -slightly over-exaggerated- jumps, the alien pair just avoided being trampled, as Brightstar galloped from the back of the Jumper and took off into the sky.

Rays of lights refracted and danced from her opalescent wingtips, imbuing them with a radient sparkle that caught T'ylah's breath, her bond was beautiful!
With a strange "Snaaaaark-pop grummmmmble!"-like noise, Midnite loped outside into the forest and took off as well, tiny wings spreading in the faint breeze to lift her skyward.

"What say we join them?" her soul-sister, Sphyria cajoled, waggling her eyebrows mischeviously; T'ylah laughed, spreading her large but delicate green butterfly wings behind her and pushing off from the ground.

As she rocketed forwards, she screamed, "ReadySetGo!!!!!!!!"
and disappeared into the cloud-cover...

Sphyria shook her head at the incorrigable Shaper, spreading her own, large angel-like wings, she pounced off the ground with sleek grace and soared after her sister.

As she shot past the green blurred figure, her ears caught the faintest whine, but she dismissed it as a distant, strangled voice yelled,

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