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Mitchernes Empty Mitchernes

Post by Gareth Numitor on Tue Nov 30, 2010 6:30 pm

Name: Mitchernes (or Miteronous, the child can't spell yet)

Element: Earth, Air (or Aether?)
Normal Abilities: Shokanjuu has a Juvenile and Adult form:
Juvenile (Mitchernes): Shokanjuu is merely a companion for Diarmad during the day or waking hours, telling him jokes and occasionally playing a simple prank (what's an invisible kid going to do?). During the night he tries to appease Diarmad by making his dreams come true, or at least attempting.
Adult (Miteronous): Shokanjuu assumes a base form that is much akin to a Stone Solder, a walking statue of featureless ash, aiding Diarmad, playing with him, sparring with him, and defending him.

Special Abilities:
Juvenile: None, other than what may be logically inferred from what it manifests from summoner's dreams.
Adult: Can erupt from the ground under a target as stone spikes, springing into the air, causing both physical damage and Earth damage. (3 post cool down)

Juvenile: "Reach for your Dreams". Once summoner gets his nightmares under control and understands what the Shokanjuu really is, he can possibly seize control of his dreams (once per topic) and generate a specific, imaginable and natural form (such as a wolf or bear, tree, or some other simple natural object), or duplicate the basic stats and form of a member of the party to "please" Diarmad. This form only manifests when Diarmad succeeds in falling asleep (+2 post delay, but if interrupted must restart), and only has a fifty-fifty chance of success (failure results in a sleeping kid until awakened). After a time (10 posts day, 15 posts night) Diarmad wakes up and creature disappears.
Adult: "Why can't you be more like (target)" For the rest of thread, Miteronous assumes a single characteristic (stat) from the target party member. Miteronous then assumes all strengths and weaknesses in regard to that stat.
"Why can't you be strong like dad?" Miteronous assumes the strength attribute of Gareth, but is only able to deal physical attacks for the rest of the thread.

Additional Magic:

Description: Juvenile (Mitchernes): While summoner (Diarmad) is awake it manifests as an "imaginary friend" with a name of " Mitchernes ". It is only visible to the summoner, has no attack or defense value, and is between 2" and 18" in height, and varies according to the mood of the summoner. Apparently, according to Diarmad, its humanoid in form, like a small boy, and sometimes is described as having a twin that flew away when he found out that mother had died. When the Summoner is asleep, however, Mitchernes will assume a form (shaped of Earth) taken at random from Diarmad's dreams, in a misguided attempt at making the child's dreams come true to please him. Its abilities mimic the creature or thing it manifests as, and the manifest disappears into the night as the summoner awakens, unless it is defeated in battle, at which time its form returns to the soil until it is summoned by another dream. Mitchernes may be found carried in Diarmad's hand if small, or may be holding Diarmad's hand if larger. He appears to Diarmad flying in from the clouds, and leaves the same way.
Adult (Miteronous): After about one hundred points have been attained, (Diarmad has achieved puberty), Miteronous reveals himself as a physical presence when summoner is awake. Its form is still constructed of Earth and still has some limited flight ability. Its unclothed form is mottled and ashen in color, with a pointed featureless face, almost birdlike. The figure stands even in height with Gareth and seems made of stone in battle, physical attacks glancing off with little to no effect.
When manifesting a physical form, the creature appears to "walk up out of the ground". When it returns it simply releases control of the earth it was inhabiting, which crumbles something like the way a sandcastle does as it dries out (just a pile of dirt).

History: As his family had been farmers for generations, nothing special was noted or expected of Diarmad as he grew up. Initially it was unknown to Diarmad or Gareth that Diarmad was a summoner, and it was commonly accepted that he just had made up some imaginary friends (there is some debate as to if it was two friends that were twin brothers or one friend that changed appearance to Diarmad, but as we learn, there is only one Shokanjuu trying to achieve some form that will appease Diarmad). Diarmad's life was easy and stress free, so his dreams were of calm daily life: mice, grass, harvest time, snow, and the like.
When his mother was killed, his home and town and everything else was destroyed, the suddenness and meaninglessness of the deed caused the images of devastation to become burned into his mind, and now as he hits the road the creatures of the forest startle him, and this now results in nightmares that are happening more and more often.
Before the event, Mitchernes assumed the simple forms of what Diarmad dreamed, which were benign and went unnoticed, but now as his dreams become more disturbed, these forms are becoming increasingly frightful, fueled by Diarmad's fears.
Soon it may be that Gareth will have to protect the two from these manifestations, and lose much sleep while Diarmad himself rests fitfully nearby....
(A personal note: The basis for the juvenile form of this Shokanjuu is based off of a "real imaginary friend" my nephew had up until the age Diarmad is in the story. This is where the name and physical description came from. My nephew actually had two imaginary friends: Mitchernes (or Miteronous), and Johnson, who were variably described as twins and his brothers. One died, according to him, while the other "flew away in the balloons" during his grandfather's funeral about 5 years ago. He doesn't remember any of this now as I asked him about it, but the rest of my wife's family does which is where I got most of my information.
This is kind of in his honor that I created this character, as well as to use in some plot twists when I get bored.)

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Mitchernes Empty Re: Mitchernes

Post by Masurao on Tue Nov 30, 2010 10:07 pm


You want this one?


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