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Visiting the Chrysanthemum Throne

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Re: Visiting the Chrysanthemum Throne

Post by Masurao on Thu Apr 29, 2010 2:17 am

Had any of Masurao's advisors been in there, there would likely have been a riot. Someone drawing a weapon in his presence... It was a severe breach of protocol. It was incredible that this Advocat simply ignored culture, with no fear. Gently, he took Leia from him.

"I'm not intending to. It's just a matter of figuring out HOW it works, is all. As for what remains..."

Certainly, there were other issues that needed discussing. But, obviously, Advocat was in pain. With an unconscious Great Keeper in his arms, and another one having his flesh boiled away in front of him, this was no time for it.

"Or not so much of it, at least. At any rate, you had best return home. I can't imagine you're feeling very well, and far be it for me to cause you undue suffering."

The Golems had all his things gathered up, handing them over to Advocat.

"I'm looking forward to the alliance between our nations. But, for the moment, and for your own health, farewell."

At that point, Masurao turned, carrying the inebriated Great Keeper off deep into the palace.


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Re: Visiting the Chrysanthemum Throne

Post by Darkness on Thu Apr 29, 2010 2:36 am

Advocat had heard what the Emperor said and simply shrugged before saying "Oh if those golems impressed you.......I wonder how you would react to the Nigghog. Either way if you want to know how it works then you would have to get Washu to give you the information, I will have her come here in a few days after getting things set up I suppose. Also.......I am not exactly ready to leave your nation, I just ask that we don't meet in your throne room any more. I am fine with being in your palace but that Crystal of yours makes your throne room very painful to be in. I will see if I can get me a room for myself, see you and Leia at a later date I suppose."

With that Advocat walked out of the throne room at the same time as the Emperor though he did let the man get through before him by just a few seconds due to how he was carrying a young woman, he swiftly changed back to his human form after that door closed and was back with his flesh and blood as his clothes switched places with his original garments. He then saw Bloodletter who gave him a questioning look to which he said "I think it went rather well, as you can see I am still in one piece and I did enjoy a nice meal. Though Washu and.....Laharl might be coming here soon if I can get things set up, come along then Bloodletter we need to find me a room." with that Advocat walked off with his demon guard as he was going to get a room even if the other people didn't' like it.

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