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Sword or Sorcery . . . or Both?

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Post by Darkness on Tue Mar 23, 2010 10:25 pm

Name: Nigghog

Description: Nigghog is an one of a kind vessel that is five hundred yards long, and is as wide as a battleship at its thickest point. It is an living machine of sorts as it is made into the shape of a snake like dragon, this mainly being that the shape can easily cut through the sky and water while still being able to slither on land if needed. Its body is covered with very hard and very shiny plates of metal with some spots having more armor on it than others, it is covered in strange runes which are actually spells that help it move and function. This is not the fastest thing around, and due to is great size it going to be easy to hit but it also very though so it is hard to shoot down as well.

Transport Medium: Land, air, and sea.

Capacity: It can carry one hundred tons of cargo and one thousand people.

Ion Cannon: A large cannon located in the mouth, it charges up with pure energy that has non-elemental alignment. After a few moments the weapon becomes fully charged and ready to fire, it then unleashes a massive beam of energy out that deals out massive damage to anything caught in it.

Point defense spells: Point Defense spells are the spells that are all over the Nigghog, it causes small beams to fire out of the airship that are actually spells put into beam form for better speed. They deal out light non-elemental damage but they tend to come out in swarms and the beams can come out of any point on the Nigghog.

Missile Silos: The Nigghog uses these to attack long range targets before they come into range of the Point Defense Spells, there are six missile silos on the machine with each shooting out fifty rockets per-barrage. The missiles deal light non-elemental damage in a five foot radius of where the missile hit, they have limited tracking abilities so sharp turns can loose them.

History: The Nigghog was actually in the makings for hundreds if not thousands of years ago, the engineers of Glaisne had wanted to construct the machine for as long as they had the plans for it. The problem though was that the man power needed to make the thing was not available yet, also there was a problem with the whole power supply,and to add another nail into the coffin the plans of the Mages forced this to be put on the back burner. When Advocat came into power and learned of this plan even he was rather impressed with it and wanted to have it constructed, which was able to happen due to how now the Steam Golems were now able to assist in the construction efforts.

But still the power problem was in the way but thankfully as with the Golems Advocat had an idea on how to give this machine the power it needs, with that Advocat and pretty much all the mages of Glaisne joined to help with his little project. They were able to summon up the spirits of dragons from hell and with their energy, Advocat was able to force them to become fused with the giant metal husk that was the Nigghog. After that it just took a few months to get the demonic dragon souls to join into one giant soul and listen to commands, but after one rips out the free will of a soul as well as its past memories controlling it was fairly easy.

With that the Nigghog finally came to life after so long and though the construction time was rather quick, it was done with the greatest care as Glaisne has sunk a lot of resources into this machine and to loose it would be a great blow. Now thanks to all this Advocat is most likely the only one to possess a machine of such power, thankfully for everyone else he isn't into mass murder so the threat of him having this is limited.


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Re: Sword or Sorcery . . . or Both?

Post by Celestria on Wed Mar 24, 2010 11:24 am

Looks good to me.




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