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Summoning Template

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Summoning Template Empty Summoning Template

Post by Celestria on Wed Jan 06, 2010 11:09 pm

Shokanjuu Creation Rules

Summoning a Shokanjuu does not use MP and the Shokanjuu thus called by the Summoner does not have a set "duration". The Shokanjuu remains on the battlefield until defeated or dismissed. Shokanjuu can attack or defend using regular elementally aligned melee attacks and defenses or they can use Special Abilities.

Special Abilities are utilized on a countdown timer, which means that a Shokanjuu can use a Special Ability and then cannot use that same Special Ability until a certain number of posts have passed.

In addition to these abilities, Shokanjuu can be caught additional abilities and even spells, but those require the use of the MP from the Shokanjuu's MP supply, which is half that of their Summoner.

A Shokanjuu's Strength is determined by the Summoner's skill with Summoning, their natural abilities with Magic, and their Point Count (because Point Count affects skill and ability with everything). Summoners are simply better at Summoning than non-Summoners. They're stronger at it, more gifted. If the same Shokanjuu were to be summoned by three different individuals, one a Summoner, one a sub-class Summoner, and one a regular player, the summons would look about like this . . .

Regular player summoning Bahamut Summoning Template Bahamut150

Subclass Summoner summoning Bahamut Summoning Template Bahamut225

Primary Summoner summoning Bahamut Summoning Template Bahamut300

Now, this is presumes that all three characters are the same Point Count and have the same ability with Magic, but it should get the point across.

Shokanjuu Template


Element: *Note: be careful with your choices here. Elemental Summons naturally absorb spells and attacks of their Element, but receive twice the damage from those of the opposing Element. Should there NOT be a naturally opposing Element, then choose an Element to be weak to and make certain that it is listed in the Template.

Normal Abilities: *Note: With all ability listings, also include the description of what the abilities look like in battle. Be descriptive and take into account the fact that attacks do not automatically hit your opponents.

Special Abilities:

Additional Magic:

Description: *Note: this is where you describe Summoning Sequences, and other details, particularly appearance if there is not a picture available.



Shokanjuu Progression Charts

Each player has the opportunity to summon Shokanjuu, but Summoners get more of them more quickly.

75 points --- First Summon
300 points --- Second Summon
750 points --- Third Summon
1000 points --- Fourth Summon
1500 points --- Fifth Summon

0 points --- First Summon
50 points --- Second Summon
100 points --- Third Summon
250 points --- Fourth Summon
400 points --- Fifth Summon
500 points --- Sixth Summon
600 points --- Seventh Summon
750 points --- Eighth Summon
900 points --- Ninth Summon
1200 points --- Tenth Summon
1500 points --- Eleventh Summon
2000 points --- Twelfth Summon

Special Note for Summoners

Summoners are special in the Nine Nations of Artegal. Any Main Character can Summon, but the Summoners excel at the art. It's more than simply that they can summon a wider variety of Shokanjuu, it's more than simply that they can pact to Shokanjuu more quickly than others. They are marked from early childhood as something different from their fellows.

Each Summoner starts with a 0 points Summon. Regular Main Characters don't get their first one until 75 points. There is a reason for this.

A Summoner's First Summon is their childhood friend, a companion Shokanjuu who bonded to the Summoner early and thus reflects the inner nature of the Summoner herself. This initial Summon must be a Custom creation that is unique to the Summoner.

Other than that, multiple pacts are allowed, but each Summoner has one that is unique and personal.

Exceptions and allowances will be at Admin discretion only and then with very good reason. PM me if you have questions.

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